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TMCNet:  Frontier Computer Corp Helping Schools Save Money by Utilizing Peplink Load Balancers

[June 01, 2011]

Frontier Computer Corp Helping Schools Save Money by Utilizing Peplink Load Balancers

Traverse City, MI, Jun 01, 2011 ( via COMTEX) -- Many schools and educational institutions are paying too much for internet service. This is because most schools depend on just one service provider's Internet link. Frontier is helping schools across the country save money by implementing load balanced internet access utilizing Peplink Multi-Wan load balancers.

As demands for online video, VoIP telephony, and video conferencing increase, so does the need for Internet Bandwidth. Peplink Balance Multi WAN Routers allow schools, universities and educational institutions, to meet growing demands by adding multiple low-cost Internet links, such as Cable or DSL, and even wireless, which reduces cost by replacing leased lines. This can also provide increased speeds by combining multiple connections.

Frontier Computer Corporation has seen customers reduce their communications cost by more than 50% by utilizing the Peplink Multi-Wan Load Balancer Solution.

"...By replacing our previous load balancer solution with Peplink, we have improved our internet uptime to 100%, whereas we were previously experiencing several outages per month." Customer Spotlight Beaver Island Community Schools (BICS), located on an island in Lake Michigan.

Island life brings additional requirements to IT environments. High availability is required due to seasonal travel restrictions placed on residents by the weather. The computer systems and internet must be reliable enough to survive a hardware outage which may last several days.

Peplink has met these requirements, providing nearly 100% uptime to critical systems and their associated services. This has enabled students to learn more efficiently by way of e-learning, bandwidth intensive video streaming, and allows parents, teachers, and students access to information from home which previously wouldn't have been possible. For this small school in Lake Michigan, Peplink and FrontierUS have overcome this challenge with the Peplink Balance 380 Load Balancer.

For more information on how Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Routers can be implemented at your company or institution, please contact FrontierUS, and inquire about our trade-in and trade-up programs.

About Frontier Computer Corporation Founded in 1976, Frontier Computer Corp. is a comprehensive products and solutions provider that helps companies plan, build and maintain their IT infrastructure. Frontier Computer Corp. is proud to offer fully refurbished, professionally configured and tested enterprise level IT equipment to companies of any size. Frontier works with small, medium and large businesses to address their infrastructure challenges and provide successful technology solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs and extend technology lifecycles. The same prompt attention to detail is given on each transaction to ensure successful delivery and implementation regardless of scope. For more information, please visit our website at

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