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TMCNet: Discusses Natural Gas Plummet

[March 09, 2012] Discusses Natural Gas Plummet

Mar 09, 2012 (Close-Up Media via COMTEX) -- announced that Natural Gas, bottomed, falling to 2.365 opening at 2.401. NG has dropped from the high of 2.807 just two weeks ago.

Natural Gas is right back where it started on February 1, when the markets started to inflate.

Natural Gas Monthly Fundamental Forecast March 2012 This over production, without new uses or demands has increased inventories and pushed Natural Gas prices below estimates and projections. Natural Gas hit a bottom in February of 2.32 but moved back up to 2.80 on unimportant news and predictions of cold weather, and then begin to fall back down to find a bottom. NG as is trading around 2.47 at present and will most likely fall to the 2.42 number in March and then drop again when winter is officially over.

Natural Gas Weekly Fundamental Analysis March 5-9, Forecast Natural Gas is down at 2.466. Natural Gas continues to fall, with excess inventory and fewer days of winter. NG should slowly continue to fall, possibly find a near bottom at 2.40 Natural Gas Fundamental Analysis March 5, Forecast Natural Gas stayed in a tight trading range, closing about where it began. NG is trading currently at 2.482 having opened at 2.481. NG will continue to stay range bound until investors give up and move from their positions, as the winter days move past us, investors are hoping for one last blast of cold to push the prices back up or a news story that will give one last surge before Gas creeps to a bottom and sits there for months to come.

Natural Gas Fundamental Analysis March 2, Forecast Natural Gas continued to fall. With excess inventory and winter almost over NG is looking for a place to sit for the next few months. Gas is trading at 2.478 falling from 2.587. Just a few weeks ago gas was hitting a low at 2.32, and is probably where it is headed to now.

Natural Gas Fundamental Analysis March 1, Forecast Natural Gas should continue to slowly sink until it finds a bottom.

Natural Gas Weekly Fundamental Analysis February 27 - March 2, Forecast Natural Gas ended at 2.686 after hitting a high earlier of 2.825. NG has been in the news a good deal lately, with announcements from Chesapeake Energy with their future growth predictions along with news of more use of natural gas in the future and environmentalist concerns in regards to the process used to capture the gas. Inventories showed a drop as expected. Weather has been holding and winter is coming to an end along with the possible higher demand for NG. Natural Gas should bottom out over the next month.

Natural Gas Fundamental Analysis February 22, Forecast Natural Gas is trading at 2.775 as investors pulled profits after NG surged close to 20 percent. Earlier, Natural Gas hit a high of 2.79, NG topped out at 2.81 after moving up from 2.36 earlier this month. Winter days are running short and warm weather is predicted. Gas was seeking a bottom when inventory reports last week showed it below forecast, non the less there is still no reason for NG to continue to climb.

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