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October 10, 2012

Not So Fast on Apple's Decline and Still Cautious About Facebook

We have gone through the long anticipated Apple iPhone 5 release, and clearly the stock market has lived up to the advice, “Buy on the hype, sell on the news.”  If you sold once the iPhone 5 press conference was announced (or bought some shorts) you would be ahead this week.

However, as you know, if you read my articles on a regular basis, I have been suggesting that the real cool product is still yet to come- and that will be the iPad Mini.  

So, why do I think it’s cool? Most of my reasoning is anecdotal. For example, Rich Tehrani sat in on a meeting with me and played with my Samsung Galaxy Note, like it was the first TV he ever saw.  And nine times out of 10 when I am stuck at the genius bar (I seem to be the only in the world with a standing monthly appointment), the Apple employees all want to play with it as well.

I think the seven inch form factor is a winner... Read More

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