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October 24, 2012

Dr. Bob Pepper Speaks at GSMA's Asia Policy Forum

Bob Pepper, is a former FCC staffer that candidly, I miss.  He was very involved in the pulver order and used to run a town hall meeting where we would try to guide the VoIP industry away from resembling POTS and show the innovation possible.  

Since he left the commission,  Bob has been working actively in Asia for Cisco for a number of years now.  When he went to work with Cisco, India was starting to look at enabling a competitive marketplace.

At the recent, and I believe first Policy Forum by the GSMA, Bob spoke to the growth of the Wireless Internet.  Here is the video of his presentation.

Strangely, Bob's video loses the last important slides in the editing of his speech. The slide below shows that Wi-Fi and other Fixed Wireless Spectrum solutions are going to surpass wireline and represent the lionshare ahead of cellular mobile. When this flip occurs solutions that use TV White Space and Wi-Fi in the 5GHz range should dominate traffic. This is not a study about licensed vs. unlicensed, but about how close the customer can be to the ethernet / fiber Internet backbone and how the problem of access is solved... Read More

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