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Wireless Connectivity Demands Grow as New Year Arrives

In 2012, an industry that showed an exorbitant amount of growth was wireless connectivity. This space has gained traction and will continue to do so due to the increasing amount of workforces all over the globe seeking anywhere and anytime access to vital documents. Mobility is needed by employees to remain productive while on-the-go and can offer company's benefits included reduced costs, improved collaboration via geographically separated employees, and streamlined operations. So, in 2013 be sure to make one you resolutions to jump on the wireless connectivity bandwagon before it is too late!

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January 02, 2013

Eventually, it's All Comes Back to the Optics

On the ride home from our Incentive Auction virtual event a few weeks back, Barlow Keener and I discussed how the spectrum would be used. The archive is still available and I would love to hear if you agree with Barlow or me. Rebecca Hanson did a great job explaining the commissions desire to create an efficient market. The goal of having the spectrum repacked can in theory create another nationwide spectrum range. However, even the spectrum opens up specific regions if its value is over $32 billion.  

Now comes the next question, what would you do with this spectrum? Quickly this became a discussion about how plentiful the glass and the cost of optics are.

I admit it I am a bit ancient when it comes to optics. My SONET history is past generation as opposed to next generation. The OTN solutions and CDNs have changed the backbone tremendously, at least when it comes to the data. On the voice side it still resembles what I knew (but VoLTE is coming)... Read More

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Using your Cell Phone to pay for Parking

Jim Machi : Industry Insight
By: Jim Machi

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