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March 14, 2012

It's All About Curation

I am on vacation for the next few weeks in Israel and I have to tell you its very interesting to see my wife, my daughter and I wander around together and take pictures, grab literature, etc.

I am expecting to put some stuff in a scrap book later, though I am using Google+ as my travel journal while here. My wife Bonnie and my daughter Nicole have been using Facebook to document our trip, though Nicole is only including posts to her close circle of friends. 

Bonnie of course is even more gregarious than me. More importantly she takes great pictures. Unfortunately, I don’t visit Facebook often so I am at a bit of a loss as how to see either of their pictures.

Reading DealBook, it sounds like Pinterest might be the curation place for me, although my limited access says I need a new group.

Pinterest allows for common sharing amongst loose lurking areas of interest. The pictures you would pin up on your corkboard are the model for the grouping. I would love to compare pictures of some of the sites we have seen and add them to my travel log... Read More

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