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February 23, 2012

Traffix Systems to be Purchased by F5 Networks

Traffix Systems, a provider of 4G Diameter signaling products will be purchased by F5 Networks Inc., thereby enhancing its top position in Application Delivery Networking. 3GPP and GSMA have acknowledged the Diameter protocol as the standard for network signaling in all 4G/LTE networks.

In a release, John McAdam, president and CEO of F5 Networks said, “Leading industry experts and service providers recognize the need for converged and unified IP solutions across carriers' control, data, and application planes, which scale, secure, and optimize 3G, 4G/LTE, and IMS traffic. The result is a dramatic reduction of complexity and costs, making service provider networks more agile. With this move, F5 continues to execute on the company's vision of delivering an adaptable architecture to enable its customers to create a smart, converged carrier IP infrastructure.”

Several mobile operators are considering moving on to all-internet protocol or IP network, like LTE, due to the exponential increase in mobile data traffic. This will allow the operators to supervise the enormous traffic and offer superior client experience. The administration of 4G LTE and IMS networks and 3G charging and policy implementations is depends heavily on the Diameter protocol.

Networks can be successfully constructed and monetized with Diameter control which offers sophisticated 4G services using the routing, load balancing and gateway solutions. The surge of signaling messages in the network can be routed by service providers by utilizing the implementation strategies based on the sturdy, telco-grade Diameter.

Ben Volkow, CEO of Traffix Systems said, “Bringing together F5's superior expertise in IP for applications and data with Traffix's industry leadership in Diameter and signaling for the control plane, F5 has the unique depth and breadth to make the transition from 3G to 4G and IMS much simpler, cost effective, and non-disruptive for carriers.”

Diameter services can be supervised, scaled, protected, combined and applied within existing and upcoming networks with help from Traffix’s experienced team.  

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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