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May 16, 2012

I Cancelled my 4G Phone; Evidently it Wasn't Primary

As some of my readers may know, I am not a bleeding-edge type guy anymore. Instead, I am a voluntary laggard who watches the technology and adopts it after some thought. So it took a lot for me to change carriers and use my 4G phone as a hot spot. It has since been the phone of my dreams.

So why did I cancel my service? Well, the lesson I want to share, in my opinion, applies to all the carriers and to Asurion.

Here was the issue: We were at my daughter’s college graduation and I had the usual job of being chauffeur, delivery boy and general best boy grip (well maybe I still don’t know what that job does). So now I am remote, mobile and out of touch. This is not a good mix with my family’s communication needs- particularly during the festivities.

I went into my carrier’s store (actually the carrier’s agent, but I could not tell). I told them my phone started to get funky. They identified the problem that the MicroUSB in the phone was loose. The bottom line was my phone could not hold a charge.

So I looked at the next version of my phone which had a cost of about $150 with a contract. I then said those magic words, “I’ll take it.”

With me so far? Well they weren’t. The words out of their mouths were, “You are not eligible at this time for a new phone. You have to wait 45 days to get a new phone. You should call Asurion.”  Asurion informed me that for $100 I could have the replacement phone in 10 days (since my phone was back logged).

Now, from my perspective my cell phone is my primary service. If this were a landline in the old days this would have been dispatched as an essential need.   In the past, other carriers have given me temporary phones to make due.

Nothing was offered to me and clearly Asurion was not reassuring me.

So I went back to the carrier’s main number and called them with my faulty phone. Of the five times I talked to them, I got disconnected by my phone four times; all of them because my phone could not hold a charge.

I put my case in front of them that I needed a phone now. They assured me that their policy was their only answer and I was not going to get any satisfaction from them.

“So let me get this straight, you would rather I terminate the service than help me continue the service with you? No matter what price I am willing to pay?” They acknowledged that was what they were forcing me to do.

So this article is being sent with my dead phone to the CEO of the unnamed carrier.

I am available for consulting on customer service. If I were them, I would listen to me. It’s primary.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca

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