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May 23, 2012

Ciena Corporation Releases OneConnect Intelligent Control Plane System

The Ciena Corporation, a company which prides itself on being a network specialist in the aeronautics industry, has unveiled a new product, dubbed the OneConnect Intelligent Control Plane.

The new specialized software is helps control planes, and is designed with a higher level of customization allowing use by a wider variety of systems.

The software is also designed to help provide more advanced virtualization features for the Wide Area Networks. The system hopes to improve the control experience by saving up to 40 percent of bandwidth for service restoration, and reducing up to 30 percent of latency issues.

“Ciena’s intelligent control plane software acts as the brain of the network by allowing service providers to fine tune their networks to be more intelligent and to quickly respond to changing network demands – without manual intervention,” said Steve Alexander, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Ciena. “OneConnect is the result of Ciena’s 12 years of success in optical control plane design and innovation.”

“With today’s announcement, we are extending that leadership across the entire network and also giving our customers new revenue streams through latency-based routing and Optical VPNs for new and yet to be discovered virtual, dynamic service offerings,” he added.

What do people outside the company think? An expert opinion by Ron Kline, principal analyst at Ovum, said the product is promising on a few levels.

“Automated control plane-based optical networks have been operating for years in the core of the network with great success,” he said. “Extending control plane functionality to the network edge and adding policy-based programming control substantially increases an operator’s ability to differentiate and create new services to monetize network assets. Therefore, we anticipate growing interest in such features.”

Edited by Braden Becker

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