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June 13, 2012

McAfee Partners with 2e2, Extends Solutions to Securely Support Mobility

As professionals become more mobile, companies of all sizes are exploring ways to grant these employees access to the network and applications they need, without compromising security. In this age of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work, McAfee is developing solutions to meet the need.

The company was recently on hand at Interop 2012 in Las Vegas. TMC’s Rich Tehrani invited Dana Torgersen, product marketing manager of Network Security at McAfee, to talk about the company’s latest activities in the marketplace.

See their conversation in full below.

One of the company’s latest announcements is its partnership with 2e2. The two companies announced their intention to work together to deliver McAfee Enterprise Mobility Manager (McAfee EMM) solutions for service providers and the large enterprise. McAfee EMM will be offered as a cloud-based managed service.

This partnership allows McAfee to offer customers cloud-based access to security solutions and customizable mobile device management applications that are highly scalable. Companies of all sizes will be able to access these solutions through service providers and telcos.

 McAfee’s senior vice president, Chris Kenworthy, said threats to smartphones are increasing, driving the need to secure mobile devices both in and out of the office. As IT security operations seek to adopt new technologies and support new operating systems, mobile platforms and complex architectures, corporate security and compliance are still essential.

Service providers and corporate customers can now benefit from a comprehensive, cloud-based managed offering to support those customers who don’t have the ability or desire to build out their own security and mobile management infrastructure.

"Concerns around cyber-security continue to rise, and for many organizations, finding the time and budget to deploy an on-premise solution has been difficult,” said Nathan Marke, CTO at 2e2. “By taking McAfee's solution and transforming it into a managed cloud-based service, we can now quickly and cost-effectively provision and secure mobile devices with no disruption to an organization's existing IT infrastructure."

Edited by Braden Becker

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