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August 08, 2012

Two Weeks to Go Before We Can 'Like' FaceBook Again

As the financial market continues to look like a demolition derby, where the biggest winner may be the one that can move back and forth by a few feet, I remind my readers that somewhere around Aug. 24,would be a good day to look at Facebook and make up your mind as to what you want to do.

To be clear, in the last few months no one has looked particularly compelling. Facebook now wars with Zynga which is like a book bag rejecting a book. But now is the time where Mark Zuckerberg has to answer to his investors and the hoodie has to back the lack of suits.

It’s not Nasdaq’s fault that the IPO was a mess and a move the NYSE does not solve the business model issue. What Mark needs quickly is the business case for the advertising dollars and the company pages to have some SEO behind them.

Right now the biggest opportunity I see for FB is in divorce law as I hear more and more stories of high school sweethearts reuniting. But divorce law advertising seems to be regulated to bus stops and telephone posters. Not exactly a compelling market. What is needed is an engaging story strategy for FB to build a case study on.

When I look back at the past (and I can tell I have a lot of it), I remember CBS doing a national driver’s test. It was great, my newspaper had the questions. The test was given via a prime time show and everyone, kids and adults sat there and watched and learned better driving strategies.

I recognize that FB wants to enable the user, but the problem is that the individuals make no sense as a buying power.   IMHO Click throughs in composite are not as compelling as broadcast demographics, so let’s see Facebook do the National Driving Distraction Event. Let them take on their mobile issue head on by looking at the ways we have hurt ourselves with driving while texting, etc. 

In other words, build a test study campaign. That was mine but they can choose others. The point is how much gathering of a community of interest can be done on Facebook? Not just how many friends you can have or likes can be placed. That asynchronous stuff is not timely. They need to show some real time power.

If they don’t do that we should just let August 24 come and go.

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Edited by Stefanie Mosca

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