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October 08, 2012

Galaxy SIII Still Beats iPhone in Display Quality

The smartphone wars between Android and iOS are fought on several different fronts. Both companies understand that to some degree, having the best phone is secondary to having the best word of mouth. Sometimes quality and likability go hand and hand and that is why the companies involved in the fight tend to poach allies, stop just one step short of stealing patents (most of the time) and find little ways to get their partners to undercut one another.

Despite all the hard work of making a product that is impressive enough to win over a massive audience, sometimes one company or another just loses out because of preconceived notions. One way in which Apple is winning a battle, despite offering an inferior product, is when it matches up against the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Despite all the chest beating about just how ridiculously good the display on the iPhone is, industry research company IHS says that the SIII beats it. In particular, the SIII still boasts a thinner screen and has a better range of colors.

Image via www.samsung.com

Apple is getting closer, according to the report; as they managed to reduce their screen size of the iPhone 5 to just 1.5 millimeters thick, down from 2.1 millimeters on the iPhone 4S. When talking about the color gamut the iPhone 5 has risen to 72 percent of the NTSC standard. That is quite an improvement compared to 50 percent of the standard for the 4S.

Despite these improvements, the iPhone 5 really doesn’t compare to the SIII which has a screen thickness of just 1.1 millimeters and is able to hit 100 percent of the NTSC standard. The SIII also has a slightly bigger display, 4.8-inches compared to 4.0-inches for the iPhone 5. Despite the difference in display size, both devices boast a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

So why isn’t the SIII crushing the iPhone 5 in sales? Part of that has to do with the different things the iPhone 5 can do that the SIII can’t there’s little doubt of that. There is also a large cache that comes from owning an iPhone 5 that doesn’t come when users tell someone they have a Galaxy SIII.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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