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October 11, 2012

Samsung Set to Release Galaxy S Mini in Europe

Samsung has long been waging a war against Apple and the iPhone in particular. The company’s latest salvoes have included putting the Galaxy S III up against the iPhone 5 in a head-to-head battle and most industry analysts agree that Samsung’s phone actually beats its rivals in a couple of key categories. The next front in this battle may have been launched yesterday with the announcement that Samsung will be launching a Samsung Galaxy S Mini in Europe.

This particular approach seems to closely rival what Apple is doing with its own product, the iPad, by releasing a smaller screen version of that device later this fall. While the Galaxy S III boasts a 4.8-inch screen, the Galaxy S Mini will have a 4-inch screen and will come in a bit cheaper than the larger version. "We think there's strong demand for 4-inch screen models in Europe," Samsung’s JK Shin, head of its mobile business, said in a statement on Wednesday.

While there has been speculation that the Galaxy S Mini would basically just be a stripped down version of the S III, Samsung says that this won’t just be an entry level version of their new flagship phone. There aren’t a whole lot of additional details about what the phone will offer, and at the moment the company doesn’t have any plans to bring this phone to North America.

 The smaller Galaxy S is just another phone in the broader plan to take on Apple and other companies in the mobile device market. The problem for Samsung and other Android devices, when it comes to taking on the iPhone, is that word of mouth boosts Apple even if the iPhone isn’t as a good a product. Recent screen tests showed that the Galaxy S III’s display was actually better than the iPhone 5, but consumers still set ridiculous sales records when Apple’s latest phone hit the market.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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