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November 26, 2012

Perfecto Mobile Partners with Sky IT

Perfecto Mobile has set up its reputation as one of the world’s major providers of mobile application testing. It built that reputation by forging quite a few partnerships with several of the top companies in the technological business world. The company has managed to become partners with companies that are both big and small, and has a foothold in almost every market in the tech world, including Internet browsing. Perfecto Mobile has just announced that it has forged yet another partnership, this time with Sky IT Group.

Sky IT Group has long been considered one of HP’s software partners and the New York-based company will be able to offer Perfecto Mobile several different options in the cloud-based testing, monitoring and automation fields. Sky IT will also be offering up training services that are built around the HP IT Performance Suite.

“Mobile applications are inevitably influencing the relationship between companies and their customers, making it increasingly important for enterprises to fully develop their mobile testing strategy,” Alon Geva, VP Strategic Partnerships, Perfecto Mobile said in a recent statement. “Over the next year, we’ll see the development of mobile apps spike, but it’s crucial that businesses don’t rush this process to ensure high-quality applications. Through this partnership, we will have the ability to guide enterprises through this process by not only providing our automated functional and regression testing of mobile applications within HP's Unified Functional Testing environment, but also bring Sky IT Group’s services to a broader market.”

This partnership will bring the strengths that both companies offer up. Perfecto Mobile has a best-in-class mobile application testing foundation, while Sky IT has expertise in working with HP Software as far as integration, deployment and education services. The partnership means that mobile applications will be able to make sure that a wide array of mobile applications are operating at peak efficiency.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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