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December 04, 2012

MobileDay Now on the iPad

MobileDay is a business app providing one-touch access into any meeting, and is now available for the Apple iPad. Not only that, but it’s added several new features, such as support for Skype and Talkatone, so that users can connect from their mobile phones and tablets with more ease and quality than ever before.

MobileDay users can access conference calls with a single tap, eliminating the need for long passcodes. The support extends to services such as GoToMeeting, WebEX, FaceTime and more, and has now added Skype Audio, as well as VoIP support for Talktatone.

Furthermore, there are new features such as compatibility with Canadian phone numbers, improving connectivity options. MobileDay syncs with its user’s calendars, adding all scheduled meetings to the app, so that one can join the meetings on time from it. It can also text reminders about meetings, with access from the text itself.

"There are so many ways business executives have now for joining meetings, let alone the myriad devices at their disposal for doing so," says Jim Haid, MobileDay co-founder and CEO, in a statement. "We launched the application earlier this year with smartphone support for both iOS and Android devices and since that time have drastically increased the ways in which users can take advantage of our app. We are pleased to add the iPad, Skype audio and VoIP support as new ways to ease the pain that users previously felt with mobile meetings.”

MobileDay is a useful app, one that’s been incredibly helpful to users who have to connect to meetings often. Those capabilities are now extended to users of all models of iPad, from the first generation to the new minis, so people who prefer those as their tablet of choice are in for a treat. With the expanded range of support, helping Skype and Talkatone users, there are more ways to benefit from MobileDay, making mobile meetings easier than ever.

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