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January 25, 2013

Appcelerator and Crittercism Partner on Integrated Enterprise Mobile App Development and App Performance Platform

Mobile development platform vendor Appcelerator and Crittercism (an interesting choice of name for an enterprise vendor), which markets what it refers to as a mobile application performance management (APM) platform, have joined forces to offer enterprises an integrated mobile development and app performance management capability. The two companies have also signed a joint distribution agreement. The integrated platform is available today through either Appcelerator or Crittercism.

Crittercism, which is based in San Francisco, offers an APM solution that delivers a real-time global view of performance across iOS, Android and HTML5 architectures, including hybrid apps. When paired with Appcelerator’s well-established Titanium app development platform (now being shipped as version 3.0), enterprise mobile app developers gain new visibility into the health and availability of their Titanium apps.

Titanium is now behind the development of more than 50,000 mobile applications deployed on 100 million devices. The newly integrated service will now provide developers working on the next generation of mobile apps with a deep performance examination cycle that processes detailed crash data and trends, identifies those lines of code that cause any performance issues and captures the set of steps a user took that led to the specific problem.

Developers should find the tool to be of significant value. And Crittercism should find itself with many more users than it otherwise may have, given that Appcelerator now has 1,400 enterprise customers in hand (including such businesses as eBay, Merck, Mitsubishi Electric, NBC and PayPal), as well as partnerships with such major mobile vendors as SAP. The new relationship should open doors for Crittercism (though we still don’t know about the name).

All of those Titanium customers/developers will be able to monitor and manage app performance in real-time through a single, easy-to-use dashboard as part of normal everyday mobile app lifecycle management. By providing a deeper level of insight into mobile apps, Appcelerator and Crittercism both hope that the capability will translate into better apps that will offer enterprise users a richer, more immersive native, cross-platform mobile experience. These capabilities should allow developers to get more cleanly designed and optimized apps out to the field more quickly.

Andrew Levy, Crittercism’s co-founder and CEO suggests that, “The mobile app ecosystem is a war zone. Mobile app developers are faced with a number of ever-changing variables such as operating system releases, devices, app version updates, networks and connectivity, which makes app management difficult if not impossible without the right tools in place. By partnering with Appcelerator, we are making the lives of mobile app developer easier by providing a strong platform on which to build their apps as well as providing greater visibility into app performance, enabling developers to offer consumers the best possible experience.” Well, Amen to that! Now Andrew, a word about that company name…

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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