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February 06, 2013

AI Hits the Road: ClickSoftware Seminar to Examine Convergence

The idea of artificial intelligence is one that causes a lot of mixed feelings in those who hear about it. While the idea of a machine driven intelligence that can catch our foibles and right them around is highly tempting, the thought of a machine driven intelligence that decides the system is a lot more efficient without us mucking it up is chilling. ClickSoftware wants to take a closer look at artificial intelligence in the context of business user assistants, and it's taking that concept to a four hour seminar at the upcoming Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

ClickSoftware's seminar looks to bring together the issues of mobile proliferation, cloud-based computing, and artificial intelligence to combine all o f them into one central theme that drives issues of customer service and productivity. Bringing these three factors together—each by itself a potent driver in business—yields a new whole that can do quite a bit for business users. Specifically, ClickSoftware will be focusing in on the concepts of mobile assistant technology, predictive software, and how businesses can best take advantage of these technologies to gain ground in the market and improve responses.

The seminar itself will cover a variety of different topics, including the growth of HTML5, Portugal Telecom's plans to use mobility in transforming businesses, the ClickButler personal assistant system, market trends in enterprise mobility and the convergence of mobile technologies in business. Each topic will have its own speaker with ClickSoftware's Chairman and CEO, Dr. Moshe BenBassat, taking the lead on ClickButler.

Those registering for the seminar will not only get free tickets to Mobile World Congress, but also be entered into a raffle, where 40 winners will get an iPod Shuffle and 10 winners will net an iPad Mini.

The idea of a mobile personal assistant that can behave almost like a human in that it can be aware of issues of context while also providing alerts accordingly is certainly tempting. Giving such a system some room to be proactive on certain issues—scheduling a recurring meeting for the appropriate day and time for example—is a clear benefit of such technology and can remove a lot of recurring tasks from the course of a given day while still getting important jobs done. Taking advantage of automation where possible can certainly trim some parts of a workday down for most people and that frees up time that can be better spent elsewhere.

ClickSoftware may have a good idea in the making here though keeping strict limits on artificial intelligence is likely to prove the most important step of all. Allowing a machine to build a car is one thing, yet allowing a machine to schedule meetings isn't too far off of that. But as with all things, the potential for too much of a good thing should never be ignored.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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