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February 14, 2013

Virtual Management for Construction

There are few industries that can’t benefit from mobility, and those that can’t do so yet will soon be able to. Another industry that’s been embracing the use of mobile devices has been construction, and thanks to Wales McLelland, there are new software and devices to provide mobile unified communications to the construction industry.

With the new technology from Wales McLelland, construction workforces can connect and communicate more effectively in real-time, allowing them to work faster and better. Virutal representations of projects will help the team communicate throughout the project and respond quickly to changes and issues that may appear, resulting in an empowered and more efficient environment.

"We are looking forward to the clarity, transparency, increased safety and personal accountability these new systems will deliver where the benefits can be passed down to our clients through enhancements in completions, excellence and pride in workmanship and great service," says the President of Wales McLelland, Doug Scott. "In order to excel at all of these elements operations must communicate seamlessly, in an open forum where increased collaboration and use of intelligent tools furthers our ability to deliver a superior end product. It is time our industry took a big step forward in the use of emerging technologies that are evolving and shaping our world."

It’s estimated that by the middle of the year, all of the on-site reporting for Wales McLelland will be done through iPads made specifically for construction sites. At the moment, the hallways in the company’s office contain displays featuring interactive dashboards, making sure that everyone can keep up with what’s important and no one’s left out of the loop.

Thanks to these innovations from Wales McLelland, the company is in a great position to improve its efficiency and collaboration, while catching and maintaining the top talent as it emerges. This also stands as a testament to how much virtual management and mobile collaboration technology can add to a workforce or industry when used correctly; who knows what else can stand to benefit from similar methods?

Edited by Rich Steeves

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