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February 14, 2013

NEC and Ubidyne Share their Study findings on 3D Beamforming for Cells

NEC, a company specializing in integration of IT and network technologies, has been working with Ubidyne, a pioneer of active antenna system. It has researched the performance and benefits of small cells that feature active antennas and 3D beamforming and has now come out with its findings.

In the study, the two companies explored what advantages there are of a new class of small cell and 3D beamforming cell. Beam shaping can be done autonomously in the up and downlink, and multiple synchronized beams per cell can be used with individual tilt optimization per beam. Beamforming small cells are a new tool that mobile operators are using to tackle todays network challenges.

This technique of beamforming according to their study has a probability of leading to an average macrocell load reduction of 40 percent. Their research also shows that individual tilt optimization and 3D beamforming for multi-beam active small cell antenna arrays can outlast passive small cell solutions that already pre-exist.

NEC and Ubidyne conducted this study because small cells is said to become a vital part of future LTE/4G heterogeneous networks.

Beamforming has also proven form the study that it can help in the improvement of coverage, and aids in cutting the cost of site acquisition and network-wide power consumption.

With its separated beams the active array small cell improves coverage, which reduces the number of small cells that are required. With the capability of beamforming the active array small cell improves the network optimization of mobile operators by reducing inter-cell interference.

This study and other breakthroughs have been imperative to the world of mobile date network services, and has aided in the common goal of boosting capacity and efficiency for cells big and small.

The paper that both companies wrote about their study can be found here.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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