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February 19, 2013

Mobile World Centre in Barcelona is Open for Business

More than ever before, mobile telephony has become a global technology. While some people might think the tech has a sort of home base in one place or another, it truly is spreading out across the world.

A new public space, dedicated to educating citizens on the technology, has now underlined that point by opening in Italy.

The Plaza Catalunya-based Mobile World Centre is an area geared toward turning Barcelona into a technological haven for mobile telephony.

The Mobile World Centre takes up about 1,800 square meters over three different levels, and has the stated goal of showing off new communication and mobile technologies to the populace. When the Centre is up and running, attendees will be able to demo the tech that on display there.

This will get more people familiar with new systems more quickly.

While mobile telephony is certainly a technology featured globally, Barcelona certainly hopes that opening up a center like this will help it gain a foothold in the race to become the leader in this kind of technology.

More than 800 mobile operators from around the globe, as well as 200 mobile tech companies, have come together to work on putting the Mobile World Centre together.

This particular project is basically built on four pillars. The MWHub and MWCongress are meant to focus on industrial and business development. The MWCentre and MWFestival set out to operate with a higher social and civic impact in the community at large.

Combined, these approaches are built to help the mobile telephony community take steps to advance faster and farther than it would have been able to without this innovative approach.

Edited by Braden Becker

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