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February 20, 2013

Ericsson Announces Plan to Provision for Mobile within OSS

Ericsson, a provider of communications technology and services all over the globe, announced the launch of Plan to Provision for Mobile within the company’s OSS. The plan will help simplify the assignment of new network capacity and the rearrangement of network facilities by automating several parts of the process.

“Many aspects of provisioning for mobile networks can be automated today, but care must be taken not to sacrifice design and performance,” Elisabetta Romano, head of OSS in Business Unit Support Solutions for Ericsson, said in a statement as seen on the company’s website.

 “Plan to Provision for Mobile helps operators strike a sensible balance between automation and manual activities – reducing errors and costs, while deploying staff to do what they do best. It also eliminates manual, error-prone inventory assignment, and consistently coordinates all network and service activation.”

The result will lead operators toward increasing the efficiency of their LTE, 3G or 2G networks, while also increasing the cost performance. Plan to Provision for Mobile also improves design, capacity expansion and discovery and reconciliation processes through network configuration and equipment activation, all while preserving the integrity of the operator’s vital data.

This statement comes days after the announcement that VimpelCom, one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications services operators, signed Ericsson to a five-year managed services contract.

According to NASDAQ, Ericsson signed a $1 billion managed services contract with Reliance Communication in India to operate and manage the wireline and wireless networks in the northern and western states of India. This led to the company reporting a revenue growth of  four percent year over year and 15 percent sequentially.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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