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February 20, 2013

Audible Announces iPhone App Upgrade and Launches First iPad App

Audible, a producer and seller of premium digital spoken audio information and entertainment on the Internet, has announced two improvements to its mobile apps.

The first announcement made by the company was to let its users know was an update to its Audible player for iOS, which will now support the original iPad, iPad2 and the new iPad Mini. The move to support the iPad product line serves to improve the user experience due to the larger display screen.

With the larger screen, Audible can deliver a more engaging and visually stunning library browsing and playback experience. The improved library will include a new grid-view that will put a greater emphasis on an audiobooks’ cover art while implementing library management features.

“More than 20 percent of Audible customers already use Audible’s iPhone app on the iPad,” said Ajay Arora, VP Mobile Applications. “We’re now delivering a vastly improved listening experience for this quickly growing segment of Audible customers, which is also great news for anyone who’s always wanted to try the Audible service on an iPad.”

Audible’s second announcement was a newly redesigned and enhanced iPhone app intended to offer a more powerful listening experience. Its iPhone app is already extremely popular, (receiving over 22,000 five-star ratings and ranking third among all books apps) so there were only a few modifications made to the upgrade.

One of the upgrades Audible made was a more simplified start up by allowing users to sign in using their existing Amazon account. The company also upgraded the library filtering automatically moving titles marked as read into a separate library view.

“Audible customers download audiobooks to their iPhones so that they can listen wherever they are, so that they’ll have more time to enjoy books. We want to help make this listening time the best it can be. Our new iPhone interface is designed to deliver a more streamlined, intuitive, and engaging listening experience,” said Arora.

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