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February 26, 2013

Acision Adds RCS to the Cloud

Acision’s Rich Communication Suite (RCS) services are taking to the cloud. The Acision Cloud model helps mobile operators access and offer customers new rich services without risking losing revenue, allowing them to react to the changes in technology and end user preferences with speed and efficiency.

RCS has always been a key part of Acision Broadband Messaging Service Centre (BMSC), the company’s consolidated messaging platform, but with the popularity of the cloud, it’s only natural that its RCS services be offered from there. It will provide users with a fast reaction to changes in the market and customer preferences, while remaining affordable and offering a great user experience.

Included in the RCS services are RCS5, which includes SMS and MMS interworking, and open APIs for enterprise content and services. It also features social networks integration, as well as triggering for consumer services. All together, they create a great suite of tools for improving consumer services and revenues.

"Acision offers a high level of flexibility in its delivery options and business models for RCS,” says Jorgen Nilsson, Acision CEO. “For operators that require in-network delivery, we can deploy our hardware independent RCS solution either on their dedicated hardware or in the operator's private cloud environment. For operators that are looking to minimize time to market and investments, and launch RCS without having to deploy an IMS Core, we can deliver RCS as a service from the Acision cloud environment. A quick, easy and cost-effective option to RCS delivery without the added complexity of IMS. By virtualizing our solutions operators can access and deploy the latest rich services, and scale these easily without the hefty costs traditionally associated with deployment, which also enables greater economies of scale across operator groups and alliances. RCS from the cloud enhances our proposition to rapidly deliver IP-based, rich messaging services in 2013, and builds on our 20 years of messaging expertise in evolving the messaging ecosystem."

Acision’s cloud RCS offering is a great tool, now made more accessible and affordable thanks to the cloud. The cloud has made it so much easier and convenient to access and use invaluable services, and Acision is doing well to take advantage of it, as its customers should too.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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