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March 07, 2013

Virtual Hold Technology Earns Patents for Mobile Customer Service

Virtual Hold Technology is trying to help better assist customers and customer service agents alike. As part of its efforts in doing so, the company has snagged two new patents, which have further helped expand its intellectual property as well as the technology at its disposal.

VHT was awarded Patent No. 8,213,911 for its “Mobile Communication Device for Establishing Automated Call Back,” as well as No. 8,223,956 for “System and Method for Managing, Directing, and Queuing Communication Events.”

These allow consumers to reach customer service representatives from their mobile devices and view an estimated wait time through a visual navigation, as well as enable them to choose an option for callback. Additionally, they can be used to help companies provide a better experience to customers on their smartphones and when they need to speak with a representative.

Consumers often have a wide range of complaints when dealing with customer service, but being on hold, having confusing menus and having to repeat account information often top those lists. Fortunately, the invention from VHT can help ease these troubles, as it helps connect them with agents quickly and in a more communicative way.

"Continuing to receive patent approval is confirmation of the innovative technology VHT is committed to creating," says Mark Williams, president of Virtual Hold Technology. "Our company strives to be on the cutting-edge of customer service solutions and these patents support that pursuit."

It is often thought that the only way customer service will be perfect is if the agents can predict a problem and pre-emptively solve it before the customer even needs to mention it. Until then, however, we have to keep aiming to improve what we have to provide the best experience possible. That means less time waiting and quicker solutions and transparency so that customers have more assurance that they’ll hear from someone aside from, “your call is important to us. Please stay on the line until the next agent is available.”

VHT intends to do just that, and with the technology it just got patented, it can help provide a clearer, quicker and overall easier experience for customers and agents alike.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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