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March 20, 2013

Safety App Making Waves with Mobile Users

Mobility is more than just a consumer trend; it is a change in our culture. We now use our mobile devices to stay connected in our professional and personal lives, download entertainment options, complete transactions and so much more. These devices can also be the key to receiving help when faced with a dangerous situation.

Proteg-GO is a mobile app development company focused on creating solutions that assist subscribers in the event of a dangerous or life-threatening situation. Its Guardian On The Go application is built on the company’s Mobile Guardian Network and compliments local 911-phone service as users travel.

If confronted by any type of danger, the user can leverage a one-touch SMS to mobilize first emergency responders. The app will also contact family and friends, as well as provide safety tips and monitor the user until they are in a safe place.

To learn more about the company and what they have going on, MobilityTechzone invited Raymond Krzyek, CEO and founder, into the newsroom at ITEXPO in Miami. Krzytek shared a little more detail on the Guardian On The Go app.

“It is a mobile personal protection app that enables people to basically alert 15 friends and family members, along with social media, when they are in trouble, that they need help and exactly where they are located by providing their GPS location,” he said. “We tie into our own call center so we can coordinate the mobile response that they need to get them through that situation. When the event is over, we press the safe button and it notifies all their friends, family and Facebook and Twitter that they are out of harm’s way and danger.”

Consistent with its approach to safety, Proteg-GO recently partnered with several industry players to support the Melanoma Research Foundation in honor of Oscars Week. The company sponsored a successful gifting event where celebrity guests were introduced to Guardian On The Go. The wireless carrier agnostic application allows users to subscribe to any wireless carrier and still enjoy the safety protection. Support is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Given the success of this platform, Proteg-GO has plans for new innovations in the near future.

 “We have a new product coming out called Safe School Communicator…that will basically provide alerts throughout the food chain of an education system. From superintendent to principals down to the teacher level…they can issue alerts immediately with one touch of a button for any type of situation, whether it is weather, environmental or unfortunately a shooter/hostage situation as well.”

To learn more about these innovative apps and the progress Proteg-GO is making in the market, check out this interview video in full.  

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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