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May 02, 2013

FlowFinity Enables Mobile Business

Having the ability to stay connected to employees in the field is a big enabler for companies in today’s environment. This is why FlowFinity Wireless has created a way for businesses to inexpensively create mobile Cloud based applications. Not every company has the resources to develop the apps they need in order to automate workflows and improve data capture. 

Finding relevant information is a full time job. Statistics show that managers spend two hours each day searching for information and about 50 percent of that has no value. Forrester has found that only 44 percent of companies can find information compared to 86 percent of similar Internet users. This only gets compounded when one considers how fast new information is coming into a profitable business operation.

Many times an opportunity is lost because of a second’s hesitation, but how does a company find the relevant piece of information in the fire hose that has been turned on them? The problem is time versus attention and companies do not always have the time to devote 100 percent of their attention to everything.

Therefore it becomes important to have a means to sift through data in order to find the relevant pieces that can signal a production improvement, streamline product design or close a sales contract. Deploying mobile applications is one way to harvest information effectively and put it into hands of those that need it the most.

Taking advantage of a process that can streamline app development can be a smart investment as long as it improves the “flash to bang” time of problem identification to decision implementation. The heavy reliance on e-mail for instance is an example of a system that has grown beyond its capabilities. Business owners can improve upon this and find cloud apps that benefit them by asking:

How efficient are their teams at using e-mail?

How much of the business day is used in dealing with e-mail alone?

What one change in e-mail culture would most improve collaboration?

Services such as FlowFinity provide a vital backbone to achieve a more streamlined business solution without investing in a costly internal IT infrastructure.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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