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May 29, 2013

Comm100 Improves Mobile Live Chat

Comm100 is taking its live chat solution further, bringing it back to mobile devices with an enhanced user experience. The improved solution comes with a redesigned chat window and an updated app for iOS devices to provide the best experience for operators and customers alike.

Comm100 Live Chat lets businesses engage with customers and manage inquiries through its professional website chat solution. While it has always provided a great experience for visitors from desktop and laptop computers, its mobile interface left much to be desired. That’s no longer the case, as it has further optimized its capabilities for mobile devices.

As part of this upgrade, the visitor interface for mobile devices has been improved to allow a smoother connection to conversations. While the previous design was not optimized for small mobile screens, it now features larger buttons and more user-friendly screens to better suit the screen sizes of devices. Users can also see visitor-side windows for features such as chats and offline messaging, purpose-built for mobile users.

iPad and iPhone users will find that their app has also received an update. Now operators can chat with them more easily and seamlessly, with a new user interface providing a more aesthetically pleasing design and user-friendly functions.

New users will also appreciate the walkthrough, simulation feature, and step-by-step wizard the app provides, helping them set up the chat and communicate with customers as quickly as possible. It provides a coherent, simple experience for letting users become familiar with the ins and outs of the app, so even the first customer to contact a business through it feels like they’re speaking with seasoned professionals.

"We understand the shift to mobile is occurring on both sides, the consumer and the business, so we make sure our solutions proactively change along with the times," says Kevin Gao, Comm100’s founder and CEO. "Comm100 focuses a considerable amount of its resources on streamlining the user experience with an emphasis on design and usability because those features encourage adoption throughout our clients' organizations.  Our Comm100 Live Chat solution is now fully optimized for mobile users, a groundbreaking feature that is not offered by most competitive solutions.”

Mobile devices are becoming more and more commonly used, both by professionals and consumers alike. As such, it’s important to provide the best mobile experience possible, as well as constantly improving the solution as a whole. Comm100 is making great strides toward doing just that, which is admirable. This should stand as a lesson: what works on the desktop will not always work on a mobile device; the difference in screen sizes makes a massive difference. Fortunately for Comm100, it learned that lesson before it was too late, and now its customers are better off for it.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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