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May 30, 2013

Samsung Signs OtterBox to Its Official Partner Program

Personally, I hate phone cases. I would rather take the risk of dropping my device than store it in some big, bulky, poorly made wrapping.

For those who have ever shopped for a smartphone case, I am sure the feeling is the same. It is no fun to purchase the latest and greatest smartphone only to have it concealed while you carry it around. Sure, it may get dropped and break into tiny pieces. That is the price to pay in order to avoid having an extra 2mm of thickness in your pockets. If you need a case, however, what is the point of paying $2 on eBay for some cheap, rubbery waste of money?

Enter OtterBox. The name should sound familiar to anyone who has hopped online searching for quality protection for their device. Forget leather folio cases that fit poorly, annoying rubber skins that tear and rage-inducing water-soak adhesives. The company has a history of quality craftsmanship and has always been very good when it comes to having dense components to carry around some of those larger phones.

Samsung saw the appeal in the phone case maker and has signed OtterBox up as a global partner in the Samsung Mobile Application Partner Program (SMAPP). The program will allow OtterBox to help facilitate the evolution of Samsung's mobile accessory portfolio.

“We are honored to collaborate with an industry-leading partner such as Samsung to provide the best possible solutions for their rapidly expanding customer base,” said OtterBox EMEA Managing Director Matt Clark.

OtterBox already produces protective cases for a range of Samsung devices, including the Galaxy SII, SIII and S4 and also the Galaxy Note series. OtterBox products will now be shipped to stores where Samsung Mobile has a presence and will be able to display the ‘Designed for Samsung Mobile’ logo on the packaging.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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