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May 31, 2013

Mobile Labs, Northway Partner for Mobile Device Testing Platform

Mobile Labs LLC announced a partnership with technology solutions provider Northway Solutions Group, which will allow Northway to provide customers with management capabilities for mobile devices.

Trust is the name of Mobile Labs' automation solution, and it uses deviceConnect to perform cross-platform testing on smartphones and tablets. The tool uses object-level detection and interaction, which the company says provides a more effective and efficient mobile application testing when compared to optical character recognition.

As mobility continues to grow in the enterprise field, employee demand for reliance is putting pressure on QA departments to deliver quality apps as quickly as possible. Management of a mobile device lab is in the hands of the organization - the same organization which is testing their internally developed mobile application. Organizations that work with highly confidential data, have compliance restrictions or high security concerns tend to make for good candidates for the self-managed mobile device lab model.

Mobile Labs' deviceConnect transforms manual testing management by aiding testers in locating the right device and the right app to make an instantaneous connection to begin testing from any desktop in the enterprise.

“Our customers face a challenge trying to test mobile apps while also managing the chaos of rapidly changing devices and mobile operating systems,” said Northway’s CEO Scott Moore.

Mobile device testing can be a bit tricky. Crowdsourced network tester OpenSignal reports there are approximately 4,000 distinct Android devices, representing high levels of market fragmentation. Apple's iOS does not present the same challenge to testers as there are fewer variations of hardware and operating system versions. The same holds true about Windows Mobile, Blackberry and others.

With Northway adding Trust and deviceConnect into its portfolio, the company hopes to have an even greater chance to bring order to the mobile chaos that enterprises have to manage on a daily basis.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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