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June 06, 2014

Addictive Mobility Expands to Canada's West Coast

Just one month after holding their inaugural Mobile First Strategy Forum in Toronto, Canada, mobile advertising platform Addictive Mobility is now traveling west and opening up a new office in Vancouver.

While mobile advertising is a rapidly growing industry, panelists at last month's Forum in Toronto noted that much work needs to be done to educate clients on the platform's potential if investment funds are to increase.

Discussion centered around gross rating points (GRP) – a way to verify the performance of a digital campaign.  At best, GRPs only validate who was reached based on age and gender. The idea of a “GRP 2.0” was brought up by panelists, suggesting that the industry needs to move away from media specific KPIs and develop a measure built on business results like sales that would account for the impact of mobile, TV and digital combined.

While GRPs may be well enough for some advertisers, the panelists argued that for others they could actually hinder the optimization against a given objective, such as driving actual sales lift.

Other alternatives, such as click-through rates (CTR), are an easy measure to track. Peter Vaz, Vice President of ad agency MacLaren McCann, noted during the panel discussion that the industry should not make the same mistakes on mobile that it made with digital.

“I'm not saying CTR is a metric we shouldn't measure, we should look at it but not as the sole measure on mobile,” said Vaz. 

Echoing the sentiment of the panel, Vaz said that a wide array of metrics need to be monitored, with different metrics being more relevant to clients with different KPIs.

The expansion of Addictive Mobility's efforts will help better position the company to provide for their partners, said Naveed Ahmad, CEO of Addictive Mobility.

“Our goal is to ensure that Canadian brands and advertisers continue to be on the cutting edge of digital advertising, and our event last month and our new office aligns with our ongoing commitment to provide our partners with the tools to position themselves in the mobile first world we now live in,” said Ahmad.

The company has appointed Tim Mason as Director of Sales - Western Canada at the new facility.

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