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January 13, 2016

Mike Tyson Takes Another Bite at Bitcoin with His Own Branded Wallet

With his latest announcement about a new bitcoin mobile wallet this week, former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is now a two-time bitcoin entrepreneur. The product is known as the Mike Tyson Digital Wallet. In the fall of 2015, a Mike Tyson brand bitcoin ATM hit the scene. This new product allows users to buy, store and sell bitcoin, with the transactions funneled through the digital currency exchange known as Gildera. Users can also store bitcoin that is purchased through the Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM.       

For those that need to get their bearings on what digital wallet product they might be using, the menu background features Tyson's distinct face tattoo pattern. You’re pretty much using a Tyson product if you see the face tattoo on your phone screen. The company behind the wallet and ATM is Bitcoin Direct, which is based out of the Las Vegas area. The ATM deal between the company and Tyson is apparently an equal partnership split, though there is no word on the terms of this product.

The hope is that Tyson's celebrity appeal will open up bitcoin wallets to a greater number of users out there. Only time will tell if facial tattoo patterns or controversial boxing figures have the appeal that the company is looking for in carrying its product to the masses. Nonetheless, this is a harbinger of something entirely new in the realm of celebrity endorsements. Tyson carries a certain international appeal that could be beneficial to the product's viability.

Early reviews suggest the wallet has advanced features and appears to be securely built. The development of a polished and secure product suggests the wallet project was built to succeed. Available on iTunes, it bears a ‘multi-wallet’ security feature, which has features like non-custodial exchange, open-source code (for security), and multiple signature addresses. Users will link to their bank accounts to enable the buying and selling of bitcoins. An upcoming version is destined for Android in the weeks ahead.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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