How do we prepare for the 200MB Lifestyle?

With 4G, enormous new capability is coming to wireless networks. However, new applications will impose ever increasing demands on those networks. Video based applications will demand high levels of QoS and will consume significant bandwidth. The walled garden paradigm is changing with the advent of app stores, but may evolve to a paradigm where any third party device, and any third party app, not sanctioned by the network operator, could connect to the network. At the same time, network operators still retain a significant advantage since they can control QoS, and they have visibility into very valuable network intelligence and subscriber information, which, if used properly (by respecting privacy), enables them to offer richer and more personalized applications, and offers new opportunities for monetizing their investment.

How do network operators reap an attractive return on investment in 4G? how can they continue to differentiate and offer premium applications, which third party vendors cannot compete with?

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