January 20-22, 2010 - Miami Beach Convention Center, FL

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Wednesday - 01/20/10,  10:30-11:45am

The migration to LTE and WiMAX may not be an “either / or” discussion, but a story of blending. Service Providers must be ready to adopt an approach that will support the speeds and data throughput requirements that wireless customers will expect. This session will look at the real differences in these technologies and show how both carriers and consumers will adopt them. The session will examine the alternative technologies as well the migration issues that service providers must take into consideration when transitioning to a WiMAX or LTE platform. The session will also discuss how these two technologies will co-exist.

• Are the speeds of WiMAX going to differentiate applications?
• Will 4G applications require more throughput?
• When will Interoperability be achieved for WiMAX?
• How will legal and commercials issues impact this evolution?

Presented by:
Paul Tornatta
Chief Technical Officer
Carl Silva
Chief Scientist / Vice President Technology
Mark Pagon
CEO and Founder
Xanadoo Company
Carl Ford
CEO, Fog Computing Conference Chairman
Crossfire Media

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4G Mobile Ventures

Wednesday - 01/20/10,  1:45-3:15pm

Where is capital going to be deployed for new start ups and for new technologies? What are the pain points in deploying 4G and how do they relate to angel investments, venture capital spends and possible mergers and acquisitions? This panel examines the opportunities in front of us and the value in exploiting these opportunities.

Presented by:
Dan Deeney
New Venture Partners
Andreas Koch
Senior Director of Service Provider Strategy and Marketing
Juniper Networks
Scott Snyder (Moderator)
Chief Executive Officer and President
Decision Strategies International
Macy Summers

Lockheed DoD Innovation – Government/Defense Opportunities
Anton Wahlman

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The Future of Mobile Video

Thursday - 01/21/10,  1:00-2:15pm

Mobile Video Applications will benefit from 4G’s increased bandwidth and ubiquity. Mobile video applications range from one-way content consumption (i.e. mobile TV) to real time, bi-directional video. This session will examine the demand for wireless video applications and whether or not 4G technology will make real-time, two-way video a common element in our day to day communications? Is 4G’s big and ubiquitous pipe enough to drive a breakthrough in demand for real-time video? What does “video everywhere” mean for the device and how will the devices drive demand for wireless video applications? Do we need new set of application tools and standards to build these devices? Do we need to wait for HTML or other standards to appear to make mobile video common? Or may we need no standards at all?

Presented by:
Jon Medved
Bryan Taylor
Anderson Taylor
James Bankoski

Anatoli Levine (Moderator)
Director, Product Management, Americas
Joe Mele
Vice President, Dialogic Media Labs
Dialogic Corporation

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The Holy Grail: FemtoCells At Home integrated into the Home Gateway

Thursday - 01/21/10,  2:15-3:30pm

Femtocell solutions blend the home network with the carrier's service enabling seemless connectivity and offering an alternative mobile broadband solution. The question is what should we expect a femtocell to do? Is it simply another device behind the wireline broadband equipment? Does it represent an opportunity for tighter integration between the services? How do Femtocell devices fit into triple play offerings?

Presented by:
Richard Brennan
Barlow Keener (Moderator)
Keener Law Group
Nick Johnson
IP Access
Tom Hussey

Majid Foodeei, PhD
VP of Telecom Marketing
Transwitch Corporation

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Friday - 01/22/10,  10:30-11:45am

Session info coming soon…

Presented by:

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Network Intelligence, Monetizing the Meter

Friday - 01/22/10,  10:30-11:45am

Broadband operators are facing issues regarding offering services beyond basic transport. These challenges involve business models, regulation and infrastructure technology. This session will focus on Network Intelligence infrastructure, which is enhanced monitoring, analysis and control as enabling functions for higher-level services. Will address sample use cases within business and regulatory contexts.

Presented by:
Mauracio Arango
Chief Architect, Network Equipment Provider & OEM Industry Sales
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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Friday - 01/22/10,  1:00pm-2:15pm

Session info coming soon…

Presented by:

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