October 4-6, 2010 - Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

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Inside this brochure you will be able to see all the key features of what the 4GWE Conference has to offer. We look forward to seeing you October 4-6 at the L.A. Convention Center.
Monday - 10/04/10
KEYNOTE LUNCH "So much Demand, so Little Time"
Jeff Thompson President -Towerstream
As smartphone popularity has grown exponentially over the last several years, networks are having trouble handling the staggering amount of data that corresponds with increased smartphone usage. Without effectively taking advantage of alternative technologies, handling this data on current networks is akin to fighting a tsunami with an umbrella. As we move toward a future where smartphones will account for nearly 100% of all phones sold in 2014, it is imperative to find a more legitimate solution to deal with this data tsunami.

Towerstream CEO Jeff Thompson will discuss potential solutions that wireless networks should be considering to cope with this reality and continue to provide excellent, uninterrupted service to their customers.
Monday - 10/04/10
The New Age of Consumers
Shawn Molodow Director, Market Development -Clearwire
Patrick Scannell Director, Market Development -Clearwire
Subscribers Want it All, Now! Can the mobile broadband network satisfy the mobile customer’s increasing bandwidth demands for applications such as video, and multi player/ multimedia gaming? Do the speeds and feeds of the 3G network accommodate these applications, if not, is 4G the answer? What role will the device of the future play in delivering these applications?
This session will address some key issues including:
•Will all devices be smart devices in the future?
•Should we expect social networks to partner with carriers like Google has done with Android?
•Will Consumers expect everything as a bundle or will they be looking for pay as you go services?
Monday - 10/04/10
Giving Voice to 4G over LTE
Dan Warren Director of Technology -GSMA
Kevin Mitchell Director, Solutions Marketing -Acme Packet
Brian Daly Director, Core & Government/Regulatory Standards -AT&T Mobility Services LLC
Voice and messaging deliver the lions share of mobile service provider revenues. Yet, on the eve of LTE rollouts, there is a major question yet unresolved: how voice will be part of the next generation mobile RAN technology. This session will explore one of todays hottest topics as mobile service providers navigate the evolution of their RAN and voice network in the era of ubiquitous 3G and 4G mobile broadband. To help address this issue, the GSM Association GSMA announced that it has adopted the work of the One Voice Initiative for an IMSbased solution to Voice over Long Term Evolution VoLTE. Some key issues that we will address include:
• GSMA VoLTE architecture and agenda
• Transitional approaches to IMS VoLTE are they needed? Which is best?
• Critical features required to deliver voice over LTE
• Moving beyond voice RCS, video and multimedia communication for LTE
Monday - 10/04/10
4G Devices:  Perspective from the Operator, Device Manufacturer and Component vendor
Craig Miller Vice President of Worldwide Marketing -Sequans Communications
Dow Draper Vice President -Clearwire
Sudhakar Ramakrishna Vice President -Motorola
Asokan Thiyagarajan Director - Platforms & Technology Strategy -Samsung Telecommunications America
Doug Makishima (Moderator) COO -D2 Technologies, Inc.
4G networks are rolling out globally. WiMAX networks are in commercial deployment and LTE is just over the horizon with trials currently underway. This panel will explore the state of 4G device deployment and will focus on the new capabilities these devices will bring to consumers and business.
This session will address:
• State of 4G device deployment and future predictions
• New features and capabilities of 4G devices
• New business models & opportunities
Monday - 10/04/10
Brough Turner Founder -netBlazr.com
Wireless is at a tipping point and WiFi leads the way. LTE and WiMAX are relative laggards, as innovation shows up in WiFi first. This session will look at current WiFi deployments, current and future opportunities, and illustrate why we are the tipping point of Broadband Wireless.
Monday - 10/04/10
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION "The Paths to LTE Deployment"
Jean-Pierre Lartigue CTO and Vice President, Marketing and Strategy, Wireless Division -Alcatel-Lucent
As operators commit to LTE they are faced with a multitude of deployment options. Once the decision to evolve has been made, they are still faced with concerns of when to deploy and how to proceed. One of their immediate and critical questions is related to spectrum utilization. LTE is flexible and allows deployment in a range of frequencies. LTE also offers flexibility in terms of bandwidth 1.4MHz 20MHz and duplexing mode FDD or TDD. This session will provide a view of the pros and cons of the deployment possibilities in addition to insight into the overall market trends in the area of spectrum allocation.
Monday - 10/04/10
The WiMAX Forum "Birds of a Feather " session
This session is a unique opportunity for attendees from across the smart grid spectrum to gather informally to share ideas about where and how WiMAX can play a key role in deployment plans, either in the network or out to homes and businesses. The diverse makeup of this audience, which will include a mix of utilities, telcos, vendors, startups and academics will provide for an informative, interactive session.
Tuesday - 10/05/10
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION "Enabling 4G Backhaul without Breaking the Bank"
Amir Makleff President & Chief Executive Officer -BridgeWave Communications
As users’ insatiable demand for mobile applications increases and the migration to 4G networks approaches, next generation mobile operators are challenged with costeffectively expanding their networks backhaul capacity and enhancing their coverage. This presentation focuses on high capacity wireless links as an excellent backhaul connectivity solution in terms of cost, scalability and network performance.
Tuesday - 10/05/10
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION "4G broadband services for differentiated market segments"
Raja Gopal Senior Director of Product Marketing -Alvarion
Through its allIP flat architecture, 4G WiMAX technology introduced a significant value proposition for deploying broadband networks over large distances. Today WiMAX enjoys a strong ecosystem backed by hundreds of deployments around the globe. Over last several months, TDLTE has emerged as another alternative for broadband wireless in some of the key markets around the world. Given both WiMAX and TDLTE are based on TDD, they are very similar technologies driven by separate ecosystems. This session will focus on how to leverage both 4G technologies to address the large unmet demand for broadband services for multiple market segments including vertical markets, rural and underserved broadband and mobile internet applications.
Tuesday - 10/05/10
Build, buy or rent?- Strategic Network Planning for Wireless Backhaul
Brent Kelly Principal Analyst -KelCor
The business of backhaul has become very interesting; almost every carrier is looking to partner to extend their reach, wholesale services are a strong business, and the deployment of LTE requires more base stations and antennas resulting in a build out that requires everything from sight selection to performance testing. Backhaul opportunities include aggregation services that bring the backhaul business to the meet points and peering facilities. What does this all mean to the carrier, the customer, and the business of backhaul? This discussion will delve into these very relevant topics.
Tuesday - 10/05/10
How to meet the ever increasing demand for data
Rasmus Hellberg, PhD Director of Technical Marketing -Qualcomm
Hoping to unleash the massadoption of wireless broadband and the wideproliferation of wireless connections, how will the industry managethe increasing demand for capacity and performance? Lofty expectationssurround the next wave of wireless technologies and underscore theneed for affordable broadband on an unprecedented global scale.Exciting opportunities lie ahead for the evolution of 3G, while LTEcan leverage wider chunks of spectrum for excellent performance andadded capacity. This session explores some of the tools available tomeet the demand for data:

* The evolution of 3G and how it fits with nextgeneration networks

* LTE and how it can be leveraged best to meet growing data demand

* The role of broadcast networks to offload data traffic

* How bringing the network closer to the user to leverageadvanced topology networks results in a leap in performance
Tuesday - 10/05/10
4G Solutions for Universal Service in America
Israel Koffman VP Sales & Marketing -Runcom Technologies
The Recent FCC decisions regarding the release of UHF and 3.65GHz bands for Broadband Applications, together with the President Obama Stimulus plan present a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to approach the Universal Service Challenge.

The latest 4G Technologies like WiMAX and LTE provide a unique opportunity to achieve such an ambitious plan by offering a Broadband Communication Access Network with a fabulous combination of advantages including: Low cost and fast deployment, Quadruple play service broadband Internet access, television and telephone with wireless service provisions, IP Based, Maturity and Future Proof.

The presentation will present unique solutions for Universal Service Challenge based on State of the Art 4G Technologies.
Tuesday - 10/05/10
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION "Changing Tires on the Go: Bringing LTE to the Network and Building for Mobility"
Chris Neisinger Executive Director Network Planning -Verizon Wireless
Verizon is leading the migration to LTE. As Verizon evolves to the network of the future they must still support their customer’s current requirements. . What is Verizon’s build out strategy and how are they making sure that the transition to the next generation is efficient, effective and profitable.
Tuesday - 10/05/10
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION "Providing Value as a Carriers Carrier: Wireless Backhaul Services"
Beth Halvorson VP, Wholesale Services -Qwest
Fixed operators are the backbone of the wireless network and ensuring that the backbone network meets the service levels and quality requirements of their partners is essential for success. Fiber deployments are being pushed into the Base stations to allow networks of SONET, DWDM and Metro Ethernet to be used when providing services. Here we discuss the future of Backhaul backbone Networks and the expanding requirements of an exploding market.
Tuesday - 10/05/10
KEYNOTE LUNCH "Supporting the Next Generation of Backhaul"
Peter Allen President and CEO -DragonWave
It took a lot of clever solutions to make computing ubiquitous, and today, we need new and innovative ideas to provide the scale that’s required to make wireless broadband a reality everywhere. This session at will share a number of ideas to accomplish this, and we’ll also discuss the best ways to support service providers in a variety of geographies.
Tuesday - 10/05/10
The Carriers Perspective: Making the Network Smart for Smart Phones
Bill Goodman Director - Technology -Verizon
Appstores and Apple do not have to be synonymous! The carriers are looking to provide the tool sets that differentiate not only the device but the application. As the developers look to build their apps, the operators are looking to make their network more “platform friendly”. This session explores how the carriers can deliver thefeatures and functions that add value to the application.
Tuesday - 10/05/10
Connecting the Apps: Application Program Interfaces
Michael Cooper Vice President, Marketing and Business Strategy -Alcatel-Lucent
What makes and app sticky and valuable to a carrier besides the sheer volume of users? Can Application developers bring more valuable services when working with a carrier? Mike Cooper discusses the need for industry standards to be utilized when working with various business models.
Wednesday - 10/06/10
Monitoring 4G/LTE Technologies: The Pitfalls and Problems
Andy Huckridge Director of Marketing -VSS Monitoring
As new devices find their way into old networks, old devices find their way into new networksand new apps are deployed at breakneck speeds while data usage increases exponentially. But problems loom large on the horizon. How will voice services be carried? Will these services play nicely with one another? Will voice quality suffer in the presence of data? Ethernet Network Monitoring has traditionally been accomplished by a 1:1 relationship between a tap or switch SPAN port and an analysis device. Tomorrows 4G networks require a different approach, one which clearly breaks apart the current stovepipe analogy.
Wednesday - 10/06/10
National Broadband Policy Review
Todd Daubert Partner -SNR Denton
Glenn Richards Partner -Pillsbury Law
Hank Hultquist VP Federal Regulatory -AT&T
Raising a child may take a village, but giving the child the network of the future requires new rules. How should the FCC proceed with its broadband agenda in light of the pending debate about the scope of its authority to adopt broadband rules? Here we explore the issues with the Notice of Policy Rule Making that are in front of the Commission. What paths should the Commission consider to achieve the goals of the National Broadband Plan? What are the short and longterm consequences of the various options available to the Commission?
Wednesday - 10/06/10
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION "What’s Next for Enterprise Wi-Fi"
Dirk Gates Chief Executive Officer -Xirrus
Within the next 5 years, the majority of traffic across the enterprise and the cloud will traverse WiFi networks driven by a greater number of networked devices than ever before. Workers will demand the same wireless connectivity for their personal and business devices whether at home or in the office. WiFi is fast approaching wiredlike speeds over the air and has achieved a greater level of operational security than wired. Moving forward, the challenge for WiFi to replace wired networks will be to move the intelligence to the edge and achieve the 99.999% reliability commonly enjoyed by wired networks today.
Wednesday - 10/06/10
BOF: The New 4G: the FCC decision and use of White Spaces
Brough Turner Founder -netBlazr.com
Fanny Mlinarsky President -octoScope
Jack Unger Committee Chair -WISPA FCC
A discussion regarding the recent FCC decision and Technical Hurdles, Innovative Direction, and the opportunity to use TV White Spaces for 4G technology.
Wednesday - 10/06/10
4G Mobile Ventures
Catharine Trebnick Sr. Vice President Technology -Dougherty & Company
Jim Baker Managing Partner -Xenventure
There’s Gold in them there Builds. The network of the future requires today’s capital, but opportunities in application development, software and new solutions to run over the top of the market cannot be ignored. So how does a venture capitalist make a decision between two such vastly different investments and how does an investment in an application compare to investing in the infrastructure required to support 4G devices of the future. This session will examine the 4G investment options and the major players involved in these investments.
Wednesday - 10/06/10
4G in the Enterprise
Carl Silva Chief Scientist / Vice President Technology -Nexaira
Todd Carothers Senior Vice President of Marketing and Products -CounterPath
Kamal Garg Business Development, Converged Network Solutions (CNS) -Sprint Nextel
Consumers have fallen in love with their smartphones and enterprise architects have found themselves with a whole new brand of headache. Providing for distributed computing with devices that are owned by your customers, employees and your executives, requires a lot of thought about how wireless broadband fits into your corporate environment. This session will explore the lessons of enabling wireless and wireline connectivity to corporate resources as well as the impact of Wireless Data on InBuilding Wireless Solutions and Strategies in a 4G world.
Wednesday - 10/06/10
4G Synergies in Silicon
Jim Johnston CTO -Mindspeed Technologies Inc.
As consumer demand for wireless broadband applications continues to grow, the industry has seen the rise of mobile video and social media diminish the performance of 3G networks in congested areas. How will the transition from 3G to 4G impact the landscape for new services and the network architecture to support them? Just as the 3G era ushered in a wave of powerful new processors to drive the evolution of smartphones, the 4G era will rely on a new generation of base stations and semiconductor solutions to deliver tomorrow’s highbandwidth applications over LTE networks.
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