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Welcome to the 4GWE Agenda for Austin

Tuesday - 09/13/11
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Tuesday - 09/13/11
ITEXPO Opening Keynote Address featuring magicJack and Cisco
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Wireless Backhaul: Key to Relieving Growing Network Congestion
Mel Yarbrough COO -Towerstream
With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices, wireless consumers are increasingly using the mobile Web as a primary gateway to the Internet. According to Cisco, the resulting mobile data traffic is expected to reach 1 billion gigabytes of data per month an increase of 26 times from 2010 to 2015. Current carrier networks that rely solely on 4G to shoulder the burden of this ever increasing demand are being stretched to their limits, and wireless carriers are turning to WiFi to offload traffic and prevent bottlenecks. By leveraging advancements in WiFi technology including increased range, faster speeds, and improved reliability, WiFi data offloading has become a must have method for alleviating congestion. Towerstream’s COO Mel Yarbrough will discuss why WiFi and 4G are inherently complementary and how wireless operators can utilize both technologies to make the entire connected experience as seamless as possible for consumers.
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Mobile Enterprise Track
Enabling the Enterprise Directly
Lisa LaBonville Vice President of Marketing & Product Development -Wave2Wave
Dean Willis -Softarmor Systems
Mel Yarbrough COO -Towerstream
The use of Wireless as an alternative access mechanism is an invaluable tool as the enterprise attempts to manage nomadic employees. Solutions that expand access beyond a company’s facilities and enables business communication are the key to success in this next generation of mobility.
Wireless Backhaul Track
Solving for the Real Problem - PICO Cells
Amir Makleff President & Chief Executive Officer -BridgeWave Communications
Ubiquitous highspeed connectivity to mobile devices has become synonymous with the advance of 4G technologies. However, to appease consumers insatiable demand for mobile bandwidth, operators are going to have to consider changes in their network architecture to support this growth. Numerous articles have been devoted in the press about the need for small cells to provide the 4G experience users are looking for. This session will explore the backhaul challenges and solutions in rolling out these small cell deployments to ensure that operators maintain customer satisfaction with these 4G networks.
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Mobile Enterprise Track
The Evolving Standards
Fanny Mlinarsky President -octoScope
The latest standard updates to LTE i.e., FDD & TDD, etc and the opportunities for WiFi i.e., 802.11 ac/ad/af, etc. are rapidly evolving. Other efforts include, whitespaces, beam forming, and cognitive radio. 4G may be a marketing term, but its clear the standards are still in motion. Learn what’s ahead.
Wireless Backhaul Track
Our Limitless Broadband Future: No Obstacles Accepted
Robert McCausland SVP, Regulatory and Government Affairs -HyperCube Telecom, LLC
A key part of my theme relates to the fact that our traditional industries e.g., telephone, electric have long histories of NOT working together, even within the individual industries. And by not working together, we have inadvertently delayed the delivery and use of technologies and products. I can go back in time to cite a few examples to which people can relate, and then tie those to where we are today. We have made great strides, but we still have artificial boundaries to overcome. Once we better meet the challenge of overcoming all of those artificial boundaries – ones that prevent us from teaming ubiquitously – then the future of broadband – both wired and wireless – can really be achieved!
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Mobile Enterprise Track
The Wireless Enterprise is Cloudy
Chris Celeberti CEO -Clever Spoke
Dave Jodoin Chief Innovation Officer -ThruPoint Inc.
Perry Correll Senior Technologist and Director of Product Marketing -Xirrus, Inc.
How does an Enterprise design for the variables of virtual communication and assure reliable and consistent experiences in the marketplace? What belongs in the cloud and what remains on premise? Does the use of mobility impact the delivery on these services?
Wireless Backhaul Track
Supporting the Full Spectrum of Services
Greg Friesen VP Product Marketing -Dragonwave
Raja Gopal Senior Director of Product Marketing -Alvarion
If you are supporting Wireless services, wireless backhaul should be within your arsenal of solutions. Implementations that are built with WiMAX have advantages in speed of deployment and the ability to adjust the design to reflect the traffic changes. Learn the advantages of WiMAX for wireless backhaul.
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Mobile Enterprise Track
Wireless Fixes Access with Redundancy
Brough Turner Founder -netBlazr.com
David Fischbach Manager, Solutions Engineering -Sprint
Aaron Dobrinsky -Wave2Wave
The Last Mile is a problem for wired services and its getting worse as the twilight of the copper circuit network continues. This session talks about the value of Fixed Wireless as an access method and the fact that in many implementations it brings in built in redundancy.
Wireless Backhaul Track
Build, Buy or Rent?
Brent Kelly Principal Analyst -KelCor
The session will provide an update on the state of the wireless build out to support 4G services. Is coverage where the actual requirements are, or where the network already exists? What strategies are in place to deliver on the required coverage?
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Mobile Enterprise Track
Ensuring a Competitive Marketplace
Todd Daubert Partner -SNR Denton
Fred Campbell President & CEO -Wireless Communications Association International
Trey Hanbury Partner -Hogan Lovells
David Frankel CEO -ZipDX® LLC
Hank Hultquist VP Federal Regulatory -AT&T
While brands become consolidated the opportunities continue to grow for wholesale services as more networks enable backhaul for other carriers, Deliver M2M and device specific services. How should we ensure competitive markets? If the service is an Internetwork of connections, what are the services to be offered in the future.
Wireless Backhaul Track
4G Backhaul – Is it really the bottleneck?
Cliff Dinwiddie -CenturyLink
Dave Jones SVP Network Services -FiberTower
Joel Brick (Moderator) Wireless Technical Director -Sioux Valley Wireless
With the major wireless carriers touting their 4G launches; customer satisfaction will be based on more than just voice. The carrier’s critical path to success is whether their associated backhaul deployments are keeping pace. This session is focused on the realities of wireless backhaul required to support next generation deployments.
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Tuesday - 09/13/11
Wednesday - 09/14/11
Wednesday - 09/14/11
Wednesday - 09/14/11
Keynote Presentation
Managing the Device, Network and Applications [DNA]
Cameron Coursey Associate Vice President of Product Development -AT&T
The move to smart phones and tablets keeps the certification process in a constant state of flux. Developing and implementing for the network of the future needs to be integrated with the devices available today. For this reason the certification process manages the life cycle of devices from cradle to grave. How does a carrier navigate the manufacturer’s requirements with the impending rollouts of their own network. What applications require special attention.
Wednesday - 09/14/11
Keynote Presentation
Why HTML5 Trumps Device OSS
Charles Jolley -Facebook
The last few years have seen a resurgence of the Device specific development with companies focused on the OS and API solutions of individual manufacturers. Some Pundits even predicted the death of the web. Now with the roll out of HTML5 the lingua franca of the web is going to out perform the APIs on devices to enable a common structure that had direct interfaces to both device and back end server resources. Charles Jolley and many of his cohorts left Apple to capitalize on this opportunity to make the experience not about the device but the experience. Come find out why.
Wednesday - 09/14/11
Wednesday - 09/14/11
Wednesday - 09/14/11
Wednesday - 09/14/11
Mobile Enterprise Track
Level Up: Security Beyond Virtual Strategies
Alan Johnston Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Avaya -Adjunct Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering at Washington University, St. Louis
Patricia Steadman CEO -TeleSecret
Andy Zmolek (Moderator) Director of Technology Partnerships -Divide
Security in the Enterprise is based on Virtual private networks and firewalls, but the mobile enterprise is a much more complex environment than a wall with a gatekeeper. The speakers in this session discuss the next level of mobile security and what it means to the Enterprise.
Wireless Backhaul Track
Who put this Tower Here Anyway?
Scott D. Nelson Microwave Business Development Alcatel-Lucent - Wireless Transmission -Alcatel-Lucent
From a global perspective, mobile wireless has long been dependent on fixed wireless technology for backhaul with over 50% of cell sites using microwave. However, its use in North America has been less than 10%. The primary reason has been the near ubiquitous availability of low cost T1 service. With much higher demands on capacity and overall backhaul performance, those T1s just wont cut it, and mobile operators in the USA and Canada are building microwave backhaul like never before. The key challenge in this new build out is finding clear line of sight paths from the cell sites back to the switch or a location with fiber. However, the previous reliance on wired backhaul often lead to tower placement and site acquisition without respect to LOS between the sites. This session looks at this problem in depth and offers some possible solutions.
Wednesday - 09/14/11
Mobile Enterprise Track
Take a Tablet and Enable Everything
Alan Duric Co Founder & CTO -Telio
Kneko Burney President & Chief Market Strategist -Compass Intelligence
Ian McPherson Head of Marketing and Product Management -Pedigree Technologies
Scott Wharton CEO -Vidtel
Doug Makishima -Meeami Tech
The smartphone enabled mobility in our lives, but the tablet brings a mobile desktop experience to the workflow. How does the tablet impact workflow? Should processes be reengineered to benefit from these changes.
Wireless Backhaul Track
The Measure of Experience
Pete Cruz Sr. Director, Product Management and Marketing -SevOne, Inc.
Russ Green Senior Vice President of Marketing -VPI Systems
When facing the realities of end to end experiences from the subscribers perspective, no one system gives us the insight as to what impacts the consumers use. The answer for the complex problem is to go beyond the smoke stack of radio, transport and processing. Carriers are learning to put systems in place that measure the experience beyond the systems. This panel looks at how the experience is managed, monitored and maintained.
Wednesday - 09/14/11
Mobile Enterprise Track
Apps in the Enterprise
Pedro Colaco
Ed Guy -Truphone Inc.
Stephanie Atkinson (Moderator) Founder & CEO - Compass Intelligence
Philipp Schloter President and CEO -Abukai, Inc.
Productivity and Expense Reduction are the key components of ROI in the Enterprise. When working on Looking at the App Markets its hard to find Applications for Enterprise that makes a difference. This panel impacts the ROI for the enterprise with applications that match their needs.
Wireless Backhaul Track
VoLTE and the IMS Core: Last Stand or Last Straw?
Anatoli Levine Director, Product Management – DTBU -Spirent Communications
Steve Collins VP of Marketing -Acme Packet
Doug Makishima -Meeami Tech
Shahbaz Rahmanian -Huawei
John Hoadley Wireless Chief Technology Officer -Taqua
Voice over LTE [VoLTE] is a key focus for mobile operators as they move to the Evolved Packet Core. However, the question needs to be asked what will that mean for services? Will voice continue to be charged differently when it rides with data? Will over the top Voice and Video compete for the same consumer communication? Will IMS deliver on enabling a Network API for apps? Will VoLTE and RCS bring a new era to business plans or mark the transition to packets being the only unit of measure.
Wednesday - 09/14/11
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