Welcome to the 4GWE Presentations for Miami

Wednesday - 02/02/11
Industry Perspective - The wireless marketplace and winning through diversification of services.
Dr. Mohammad Shakouri Vice President -WiMAX Forum and Corporate Vice President -Alvarion
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Industry Perspective - 4G and Wi-Fi Change the Wireless Game
Jeff Thompson President -Towerstream
With the flexibility to handle voice, data, and video over Internet Protocol, 4G networks are undoubtedly changing the mobile broadband landscape in profound ways. But with mobile data traffic expected to increase 39 times by 2014, how can these nextgeneration wireless networks keep up with the staggering amount of data being consumed by users of smartphones and tablets? As data hungry smartphones and tablets continue their huge adoption curve, its becoming clear that carrierclass WiFi networks are required as a data offloading supplement to 4G networks. Towerstream CEO Jeff Thompson will discuss how 4G will make WiFi data offloading more accessible, as well as the potential for 4G networks to make offloading of lowermargin bits a reality.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Industry Perspective - Advancing the 3GPP Standards for Mobile Broadband & 4G evolution
Adrian Scrase Head of 3GPP Mobile Competence Centre -3GPP
Mobile Broadband & 4G evolution Adrian Scrase Head of 3GPP Mobile Competence Centre 3GPPWhen Standards Converge4G has become a term for the latest mobile offerings from our network providers, but shouldn’t we pay more attention to the reality that no one on the globe has a 4G licence and that hyping technologies has let us down in the past?3GPP and IEEE proposals have been accepted as family members of the future 4th Generation, so todays smart operator will consider the common ground between the standards and what we should expect from future 4G and the impact that will have on device development and design.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION - The role of Picocells in 4G Networks
Amir Makleff President & Chief Executive Officer -BridgeWave Communications
While a lot of people are talking about femtocell solutions the market is looking for solutions that expand past the home broadband connection. Mr. Makleff will share their experience as to why Picocells are the solution that matches the need of the 4G network today.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Evolving the Evolved Packet Core
Jim Johnston CTO -Mindspeed Technologies Inc.
Chris Ebert Head of 4G Strategic Marketing -Nokia Siemens Networks
Berge Ayvazian (Moderator) Senior Consultant -Heavy Reading
Embracing the capabilities to deliver data services has lead the carriers to expand their throughput requirements for the evolved packet core. More MIMO, faster processing all lend themselves to an almost transparent throughput from the device to the application. This panel discusses the requirements carriers are placing at the point where wireless meets backhaul.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Wi-Fi as a Utility
Alan Amrod CMO -Xirrus
Everywhere you turn these days you get to see opportunities to use WiFi with 4G, Dongles that find hotspots to phones that tether to make hotpsots WiFi is the future. With so much happening with WiFi one giant question is what should we expect the future to be? A tighter integration to 4G or will one usurp the other?
Wednesday - 02/02/11
It's the Internet, not Mobile that Matters
Alan Duric Co Founder & CTO -Telio
Cullen Jennings Distinguished Engineer, Voice Technology Group -Cisco
Todd Daubert Partner -Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal
Ron Del Sesto Partner -Bingham
Cloud Computing is a great marketing term but if you really peel back the discussion you find it’s just another step in the continuation of the Internet becoming more integrated in our day to day experiences. The Internet is constantly upgrading and the wireless Internet promises new levels of mobile productivity. This panel looks at the ways mobile Internet solutions will be integrated into consumer's daily lives to enable and enhance the way we work and play.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
The Key to Successful Backhaul
Greg Friesen VP Product Marketing -Dragonwave
Knowing the future is not the same as delivering in the present, there are many issues in delivering the 4G network of the future not the least of which is the proper management of voice and data traffic. Additionally the issues of geography and growth may require the company to deploy differently in the future. Join us to discuss the lessons in deploying, delivering and satisfying the growing demand on wireless networks.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Why Over the Top is the Future of Communication
Brough Turner Founder -netBlazr.com
Facebook, Skype, Twitter and YouTube Oh My. The world of wireless is getting crowded with a lot of media that has little to do with a phone call. Is our network of the future saddled with the methods of the past or should we expect that eventually we are going to integrate all traffic on to the same network. If so how will that impact the role of the service provider.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Is 4G the most important trend in Device Development
Doug Makishima (Moderator) COO & VP of Mobile & Personal Communications -D2 Technologies, Inc.
Craig Miller VP Marketing and BD -Sequans Communications
Hanna Tong Director of Business Development Convergence Solutions -Samsung Telecommunications America
The Innovation in Electronics is bringing lots of opportunities to highlight the capabilities of manufacturers. Better screens, faster processors and other internal features are delivering new improved experiences. Do all of these features require faster transport? Is there pent up demand for bandwidth that only 4G technologies can provide? What are the issues discussed by carriers and manufacturers?
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Wrap Up
Carl Ford VP Content 4GWE, Co-Founder Crossfire Media -Crossfire Media
Thursday - 02/03/11
LTE Voice and Data Roaming
Kevin Mitchell Director, Solutions Marketing -Acme Packet
Akshay Sharma Research Director - Carrier Network Infrastructure, Converged Infrastructure -Gartner Dataquest
Martin Guilfoyle VP Research & Development -Syniverse
An all IP network means that Voice and Data will be sharing the same backbone. While the rates for voice are established but the rules for data roaming have to be navigated. Packetized voice, data homed back to the HLR and existing messaging solutions are confronted with the need to differentiate from over the top. How will carriers determine interconnection strategies.
Thursday - 02/03/11
Industry Perspective - Megatrend 2011: Unified communications on 4G tablets
Anton Wahlman Contributor -TheStreet.com
Learn how tablets will have a major impact on expanding the mobile marketplace by driving 4G applications. Mr. Wahlman will discuss some trends, including the impact that providing unlimited content will have on applications and usage.
Thursday - 02/03/11
Industry Perspective - The Wall Street investors "take" on the carriers 4G deployments
Jim Baker Managing Partner -Xenventure
The Wall Street investors "take" on the carriers 4G deployments The network of the future requires today’s capital, but opportunities in application development, software and new solutions to run over the top of the market cannot be ignored. So how does Wall Street make a decision between two such vastly different investments and how does an investment in an application compare to investing in the infrastructure required to support 4G devices of the future?
Thursday - 02/03/11
Industry Perspective - Letting the market define 4G
Phillip Solis Research Director, Mobile Networks -ABI Research
Why WiMAX and LTE deployed today deserve to be called 4G and why the EU should not listen to the ITU. As is obvious from today’s TV commercials, 4G is coming of age. Phil provides his analysis of current technology and rollout strategies of the wireless competitors and what will be the key differentiators for success over the next 12 months.
Thursday - 02/03/11
Industry Perspective - Wireless as the 5th Wave of the Technology Revolution for Enterprises
Scott Snyder President Breakthru Advisors and Senior Fellow -The Wharton School
The Next Generation of Wireless Technology, referred to as "4G", is beginning to enter the market with lightning fast speeds up to 100 times today’s wireless networks, the flexibility to handle any service voice, data, an video using Internet Protocol, and the ability to interconnect an ecosystem of more than 10 billion smart wireless devices such as handsets, ereaders, gaming consoles, navigation aids, appliances, and sensors. This new level of performance brings wireless on par with the broadband in our homes and offices, opening up a whole new set of rich applications for mobile devices such as video conferencing, remote healthcare, multiplayer gaming, and virtual shopping. A six to ten fold increase in speed compared to 3G is already commercially available in selected cities in the US and around the World. This new high performance “wireless cloud” could fundamentally change the way we live and work and cause companies to rethink their business model and processes to capture value from the new “Internet of Things”. This talk will focus on where the early disruptions are likely to occur and how enterprises will need to adapt their overall strategic and business models to stay ahead of the 5th Wave.
Thursday - 02/03/11
Industry Perspective - Ethernet Backhaul for 4G - Successes and Challenges
Dave Jones SVP of Network Services -Fibertower
Most major wireless carriers have now begun the transition to Ethernet Backhaul in support of 4G networks. How is the transition progressing? What challenges does the industry face to achieve this goal?
Thursday - 02/03/11
Industry Perspective - How carriers can win the application wars with location based services.
Michael Grossi Consultant -Altman Vilandrie
With the explosion of social networks and the recent valuation of Facebook at $50 B, the integration of social network strategies, including location based services LBS, is on track to become a major part of the application market. While carriers are currently faced with an opportunity to add value with LBS, they also risk breaching consumer trust. In order to take advantage of the benefits of LBS, carriers must carefully consider the potential advantages of all solutions and be cognizant of the significant role they play in helping to ease consumer privacy concerns.
Thursday - 02/03/11
Industry Perspective - Show me the Money - 4G
Randy Muench President -CFN Services
Now that the carriers have all declared their participation in the 4G, what does 4G mean and what should we expect in the way of ROI? Will the carriers find the way to continue their deployments in time to meet demand? What are the hazards they need to watch for in the delivering the wireless Internet? How do you make decisions on technology and partners to ensure you are building solutions that will meet current needs and scale for future continued mobile traffic growth?
Thursday - 02/03/11
Wireless impact on Cable networks
Dr. Mohamed Madkour Senior Director of Wireless Marketing -Huawei North America
Mazen Letayf -PlumTV
It may come as a shock, but the most prepared companies for 4G are the cable operators. Their implementation of IMS, their role in deploying supplemental WiFi Services indicates their interest in providing a Quadruple play of services that includes wireless. How will the partnerships with Clearwire and Sprint be augmented in the next year by the cable operators moves to 4G.
Thursday - 02/03/11
Todd Rowley VP of 4G -Sprint
Mr. Rowley will provide some real insight into how one of the nation’s leading carriers is providing for a real 4G Mobile Internet experience
Thursday - 02/03/11
Jeff Ford CEO -Apriva
Mr. Ford will discuss the issues of providing security to wireless networks that are now riding the Internet. Issues of privacy and security have always been a matter of question with regards to the Internet. Jeff shares his experience in delivering solutions for our wireless future.
Friday - 02/04/11
Supporting the Enterprise with 4G Wireless Broadband
Doug Green Publisher -Telecom Reseller
Ed Naef Vice President -CSMG Global
Consumers have been the major driver to the Smartphone revolution, and in many organizations the smartphone represents more processing power than their desktops. The question that has to be considered is what impact do these smart devices have on supporting the needs of the Enterprise. This panel looks at how the move to 4G is bring about better nomadic services and new solutions for the corporation to incorporate in their IT needs.
Friday - 02/04/11
Mobile Video and the Enterprise
Alex Vishnev CTO -Global Convergence, LLC.
Anatoli Levine Director, Product Management -RADVISION
Joe Mele Vice President, Dialogic® Media Labs -Dialogic Corporation
Video is taking over the backbone of the Internet representing more than 20% of the traffic. The next frontier is marrying the enterprise with mobile video for training, teleconferencing and remote monitoring. What are the applications are being developed?
Friday - 02/04/11
4G Operator experiences: Methods to maintain a good reputation
Andy Huckridge Director of Marketing -VSS Monitoring
Surmounting the 3G carryovers, incorrectly dimensioned backhauls, loss of critical debugging packets, issues with SPAN ports, the expense of 10G tools, aggregation of traffic between 1G/10G networks, detecting microbursts – just some of the operational experiences coming to light from the recent rash of 4G deployments across the country. In this talk, Andy Huckridge will take you through many of the initial deployment issues and shed light as well as methods to maintain a good carrier reputation in a confusing 4G world.

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