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The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance is a global organization advocating for laws and regulations that will lead to more efficient and effective spectrum utilization. Their membership spans multinationals, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and academic, research, and other organizations from around the world, all working to create innovative solutions that will increase the amount of available spectrum to the benefit of consumers and businesses alike. The Alliances' main objectives are as followed:

To close the Digital Divide-
The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance supports technical, regulatory, and business model innovations that can reduce the cost of deploying last-mile wireless networks and help to make wireless broadband access more affordable for people around the world

To enable the Internet of Things-
The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance supports spectrum policies that can enable the burgeoning Internet of Things – with potentially billions of interconnected wireless devices operating on our behalf – increasing efficiency and improving quality of life

To alleviate the "Spectrum Crunch"-
The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance supports changing regulatory policies that create artificial spectrum scarcity and replace them with policies that will increase available bandwidth, reduce costs, and increase consumer choice

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Mind Commerce focuses on telecommunications (fixed and wireless) and various ICT areas including Internet based infrastructure, commerce, content, and applications. We have been a leading provider of research, consulting, and subscription services within our practice areas for over ten years.

We believe that valuable research facilitates good decision making. We focus on qualitative and quantitative analysis that enables our clients to make informed decisions. Our clients save money, make optimal investments, and identify key trends and focus areas.

FierceEnterpriseCommunications is the IP communications business and technology report on the latest developments in unified communications, IP technology, Telco 2.0, VoIP security, and more. Our twice-weekly newsletter is not limited to the news of the day – our editors produce comprehensive features on leading trends and innovators. As part of our community, get insights on cutting-edge IP technologies through our exclusive webinars and robust whitepaper library. Join today to start networking with your peers through our trade show parties and virtual events.

ABI Research, established in 1990, is a market intelligence company specializing in global technology markets. Our unique blend of quantitative forecasting and trend analysis, coupled with in-depth analysis of the markets and companies that are both important today, and will be key players tomorrow, helps us to provide our clients with an unrivaled 360o perspective.

Our clients rely on our services to uncover key market metrics and trends that are compiled through a combination of hundreds of comprehensive stakeholder interviews per year, technical intelligence from teardowns, hundreds of years of collective market experience, vendor contributed data and end user research.

Blog Sponsor provides daily news with context, covering LTE, WiFi, space communications, regulation, applications, market trends, and the cool new devices.

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