Who Uses Wi-Fi and Why?

The FCC has opened up a sizable new block of unlicensed spectrum, between the 50MHz and 700MHz bands. The capability to use the new "white-space spectrum"sometimes referred to as Super WiFi, for wireless broadband access creates a wealth of new opportunities for consumers, enterprises, service providers and device manufacturers. Attendees at the Super WiFi Summit will gain an understanding of this technology's true potential of as well as the business and technical issues surrounding it.

Who Should Attend the Super WiFi Summit?

  • Service providers, including MSO's, Cellco's, WISPs and ISP's...you can launch a broad range of off load solutions using Super WiFi.
  • Local TV operator and Broadcasters...the ability to support you advertisers with a data service connected to your community can help you compete with an over the top world of Netflix and Hulu.
  • Municipalities, library or school districts...the implications of Super WiFi help you reach beyond supporting just your buildings and into the community.
  • Enterprise...the expansion of Super WiFi is already being trialed with medical campuses and could bring a level of integration to your workflow that supports

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