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September 04, 2012

Latest News in Mobility

Even though the Samsung and Apple patent trial is going into a sort of hiatus - at least until December 9th when the court reconvenes to review what Samsung toys might be banned or what penalties might be levied, the two remain in the news, though Samsung is the louder of the two. First, we can catch up on the current status of the patent case and what it means for both players. For an alternative view Carl Ford suggests that Samsung needs to flex its substantial muscles. And just maybe Samsung has, if the new toys they unveiled at this Week's IFA Conference are any indication.

A new report from HIS iSuppli suggests that the rapidly growing deployments of LTE are likely to lead to new ways electronic products are likely to converge. Samsung can certainly provide examples here on both counts, with its new Galaxy camera, as well as through its wireless infrastructure group. One thing is certain, with LTE and the expanding use of wireless data, carriers need to carefully monitor wireless data usage.

The FCC meanwhile, in an effort to ensure that there is no false wireless data access marketing going on, has begun ordering carriers to ensure thataccurate wireless data speeds are being reported. Edgewater Wireless and Aptilo Network have partnered to provide a means of easing mobile data loads.

Mobile Future is greatly concerned about the need for wireless data access and the relatively slow pace spectrum is being allocated to meet rapidly expanding demand. There is no doubt that demand is growing at an enormous rate - smartphones are booming, and we are seeing enormous uptake for them in the enterprise.

A new report claims that BYOD and consumerization are now critical aspects of the workplace. Fortunately, Sprint has recently stepped up its efforts to help businesses manage their BYOD deployments.

New Toys and Gadgets, Large and Small

Corning MobileAccess has introduced new antenna technology that will deliver guaranteed Internet access at conferences held in large venues. Metro PCS meanwhile says that it will deliver new VoLTE (Voice over LTE) capable phones before 2012 is out - which should lead to some interesting new capabilities for enterprises.

LG and Qualcomm have moved to collaborate on a new smartphone that will be driven by Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad Core Processor. Last, but surely not least, Good Technology has introduced a new version of its Good for Enterprise platform, delivering new features for both iOS and Android.

Those are the week's mobile highlights. For much more make sure to scope out Mobility TechZone directly.

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Tony Rizzo has spent over 25 years in high tech publishing and joins MobilityTechzone after a stint as Editor in Chief of Mobile Enterprise Magazine, which followed a two year stretch on the mobile vendor side of the world. Tony also spent five years as the Director of Mobile Research for 451 Research. Before his jump into mobility Tony spent a year as a publishing consultant for CMP Media, and served as the Editor in Chief of Internet World, NetGuide and Network Computing. He was the founding Technical Editor of Microsoft Systems Journal.

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