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June 05, 2013

Support to Small and Medium Sized Businesses Included in MegaPath's Wireless Failover Service

Tuesday June 4 in Pleasanton, CA, MegaPath Corporation announced that it is expanding its Wireless Failover service, as well as its nationwide wireless footprint to include 4G. MegaPath is a provider of managed data, voice, security and hosted services in North America.

Wireless failover is an automated function in telephone and computer networks where a standard hardwired connection is switched to a redundant wireless connection should there be a failure or irregular closure of a default hardwired connection. This can also be a component in the network such as a router, server or computer.

In the past, this type of service has only been available to enterprise customers. Part of MegaPath’s announcement is that its Wireless Failover service will now be available to single site and small and medium sized business (SMB) customers.

Dan Foster, president of business markets for MegaPath said, "In today's economy, businesses cannot afford to halt operations because employees can't communicate or process transactions. Businesses require a continuity plan that includes a resilient connection to access data, process transactions and serve customers if a primary circuit is interrupted. With MegaPath's Managed Failover services, MegaPath's customers can rest assured that they have a cost-effective, resilient backup connectivity service to keep their business operational."

MegaPath’s Wireless Failover service is a fully automated service that leverages MegaPath Managed Customer Premises Equipment. This allows MegaPath to keep an active monitor of the primary broadband connection. If something should happen to the connection, it is instantly detected and MegaPath initiates failover services. Once service is restored, failback to primary service is accomplished.

In addition to providing failover service to SMBs, MegaPath is also expanding their wireless footprint. They are widening their 3G coverage and adding a variety of 4G wireless broadband pooled usage plans. This will provide nationwide coverage at competitive rates.

The wireless services provide businesses with an affordable, high-speed connectivity option in locations that would otherwise require more expensive T1 or satellite connectivity. MegaPath customers can also leverage the new 4G and expanded 3G services as backup to their T1, Ethernet, DSL or Cable connections.

Edited by Lacey Henry

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