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May 19, 2008

ASOCS Unveils World's First Wireless MultiComm Processor, Supports WiMax, HDTV

ASOCS, a developer of wireless Multi-Communication processors and system solutions for handheld devices, announced today that it’s launched MP100. The company calls the MP100 the world’s first wireless MultiComms processor capable of running up to three wireless air interfaces at the same time.
The ASOCS MP100 MultiComm processor introduces a revolutionary approach to wireless communication, according to the company: a single IP-based platform offering high-performance, software reconfigurable modems, low latency air-interface switching, and minimal power consumption - enabling user-transparent access to the Internet.
The processor can reduce the bill for the customers of materials by up to 5 percent and reduce power consumption by as much as 70 percent, according to the company, while supporting wireless standards such as GSM/EDGE/GPRS, WiFi, HD Mobile Digital TV, and GPS.
The software-reconfigurable ModemX core in the MP100 allows handheld device manufacturers, OEMs, and ODMs to move into the 4G era smoothly by developing software-based Super 3G, LTE, and Mobile WiMax products, according to the company.
“Launching the world’s first MultiComm processor positions ASOCS at the forefront of the emerging world of wireless convergence,” said Tom Yemington, vice president of business development.
“With LTE deployment expected to begin as early 2010, device manufacturers are faced with yet another communications standard to integrate. OEMs using ASOCS ModemX technology can ship a single-chip mainstream MultiComms baseband solution in parallel with LTE development and later add LTE as a low-risk software upgrade,” Yemington said.
ASOCS develops and markets MultiComm processors designed to enable seamless connectivity over diverse air interface networks, according to the company.
ASOCS’ ModemX is a unique solution based on patented algorithm technology and a flexible software-based modem, according to the company.
It ensures low power consumption and effectively runs multi-communication standards concurrently. ASOCS has partnered with leading chip makers, as well as hardware, software and module developers to provide mobile consumer electronics vendors with a complete MultiComm SoC solution, according to the company.
ASOCS developed MP100 with Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited, a company involved in LSI applications and advanced semiconductor process technologies.
Fujitsu process technology, coupled with ASOCS patented technology, enables flexible interface with all major radio frequency (RF) standards to form a complete wireless MultiComm system-on-a-chip.
Initial lots of the MP100 were produced by using Fujitsu’s advanced shuttle service (SiExpressTM) enabling customers to begin ASOCS’ MP100 evaluation in the shortest possible time.
“The MP100 fabricated by Fujitsu’s advanced process technology enables users to fully utilize MultiComm solution that is on the forefront of technology,” said Satoru Yamaguchi, vice president for global strategic marketing of Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited.
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