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September 11, 2009

Open Range Communications Picks WiChorus for its SmartCore Platform

Open Range Communications Inc., a broadband wireless provider, has reportedly selected WiChorus for its SmartCore platform to offer state-of-the-art 4G services to unserved and underserved customers across America in the fourth quarter of this year.
Open Range offers service to 6 million people in 546 rural communities across 17 states and claims to be the nation’s largest Rural Utilities Service borrower.
Mike McHale, chief operating officer of Open Range, said that the Open Range business model has unique requirements for high operational network efficiency while maintaining the quality and variety of advanced services that could be offered to their customers. Additionally, he said, WiChorus SmartCore fits in best to the company’s need to deploy an operationally efficient, open and advanced network for customers.
Officials at WiChorous said that their SmartCore platforms are designed to accommodate a rich set of content handling and control-path functionality with maximum performance, minimum latency and massive scalability. To achieve this, WiChorus SmartCore platforms employ a combination of processing elements and hardware engines carefully designed for the specific tasks and intelligence needed at all levels of functionality.
SmartCore provides a key interface to millions of constantly moving mobile devices with their multiple service flows to the IP world, managing security, dynamic services, seamless mobility, paging, location tracking and dynamic charging. The platform provides key analytics about the network and enforces cross-layer optimizations to reduce OPEX.
Rehan Jalil, president and chief executive officer of WiChorus, said that Open Range has the vision of stimulating local development across the United States by connecting more than 500 communities to the Internet highway using 4G wireless technologies.
He said that they are delighted to contribute in accomplishing this vision by enabling an operationally efficient 4G wireless network and their Smart 4G Packet Core solutions enable flexible deployment models, open network architecture and network optimizations needed to build such a network.
Earlier this year, WiChorus’s SmartCore platforms also received USDA acceptance and ‘Buy American’ Status from USDA RUS.
Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., WiChorus is backed by Silicon Valley investors like Accel Partners, Mayfield Fund, Pinnacle Ventures and Redpoint Ventures.

Jyothi Shanbhag is a contributing editor for MobilityTechzone. To read more of Jyothi's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri

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