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March 25, 2011

WiTech Unveils Freeware Edition of TEA|WiMAX with Support for WiMAX 2.0

By Jayashree Adkoli
TMCnet Contributor

WiTech, a provider of business case analysis tools for the planning of WiMAX and LTE (News - Alert) initiatives, has launched a new freeware edition of its TEA|WiMAX, which is WiMAX (News - Alert) 2.0 ready.

WiMAX 2.0 or 16m standards is a new standard featuring support for IMT-A frequency bands; two-fold increase in average data throughput; support for self organizing networks, femtocells, relay stations, location services, enhanced multicast and broadcast services; and multicarrier aggregation up to 100 MHz; and more.

Ever since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC (News - Alert)) introduced a light licensing scheme for the 3.65 GHz band, numerous FCC-certified, WiMAX-based devices have been rolled-out. However, building a WiMAX network is a complex undertaking and requires accurate planning, analyzed decisions, and proper market strategy.

In order to ease the burden on wireless operators, WiTech (News - Alert) had introduced a specialized decision support tool, TEA|WiMAX, an application capable of performing thorough WiMAX technical-economic analyses in an integrated manner.

Precisely, TEA is a family of business case analysis tools. These tools together facilitate 4G operators (WiMAX and LTE) with an effective means to lay a solid foundation for a successful 4G initiative, analyzing and tracking the business case through an integrated and iterative approach, during the entire lifecycle of the project.

According to WiTech, its TEA|WiMAX takes into account all critical aspects and facilitates in performing four main types of analyses, namely Market Analysis, Technical Analysis, Economic and Financial Analysis, and Scenario and Sensitivity Analysis, , in real-time. The tool enables user to the results instantly in an animated graphical format.

The Market Analysis evaluates the potential market for WiMAX services. The Technical Analysis evaluates dimision of the WiMAX Access and Backhauling network infrastructures. The Economic and Financial Analysis calculates all key figures of the Business Plan for the WiMAX initiative. The Scenario and Sensitivity Analysis fine-tunes the WiMAX plan.

Capable of performing all key analyses in a integrated manner, the TEA|WiMAX also performs a quick and easy business case evaluation, without building time-consuming and laborious spreadsheets. Tailored for the specific needs of players in the 4G ecosystem, it includes a number of standard business cases pre-set to specifications of leading WiMAX and LTE solutions, according to WiTech.

WiTech’s Professional, Educational and Corporate Editions of TEA|WiMAX is already WiMAX 2.0 ready. The new freeware edition of TEA|WiMAX has been provided with new features that ensure complete compliance with the IEEE (News - Alert) 802.16m specifications, such as multi-carrier operations, improved MIMO modes, extended channel bandwidth, and more.

Andrea Calcagno, founder and CEO of WiTech, said in a statement, “Releasing the new freeware edition of the TEA|WiMAX, we desire to make available relevant opportunities offered by WiMAX. Without barriers, players could perform easily and freely the business case analysis for a WiMAX initiative.”

Last year, TMCnet reported that WiTech launched the WROP Community and WROP Cloud Editions of its WROP, a commercial open source vendor-independent access and service management platform.

Jayashree Adkoli is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Jayashree's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Tammy Wolf

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