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FOTA Best Practices
11/8/2013 4:25:19 PM
The volume of FOTA usage is increasing significantly as more and more updates are performed successfully every year on more and more device types. FOTA is now a standard feature of mobile phones, tablets, and other connected devices, since consumers expect their devices to stay up-to-date with the latest features and performance improvements. In fact, consumers eagerly anticipate new firmware releases and become frustrated if their device doesn't receive timely updates. News about new software updates delivered over the air are published daily in telecom media channels, and when it comes to major versions of Android or iOS, even in the mainstream media.

In this white paper, Red Bend Software describes five steps for successful FOTA implementation, leveraging Red Bend's vast experience in providing FOTA to nearly 1,500 different device models over the last 10 years.

OTA Updating Simplified
11/8/2013 4:22:51 PM
This whitepaper is intended for Android device manufacturers interested in offering an OTA software updating service to continually delight customers with the latest features and performance improvements. It describes the importance of delivering software updates and explains how it has become an integral part of a manufacturer's go-to-market strategy. The paper discusses the technology, expertise and service infrastructure needed to ensure reliable and efficient software updates to devices used both by consumers and enterprises. By reading this white paper, Android OEMs will learn how to easily offer an OTA software updating service and gain a competitive edge in the crowded consumer electronics market.

From Hardware Manufacturer to Service Provider
11/8/2013 4:20:43 PM
This white paper is for manufacturers of mobile phones, tablets, automotive vehicles, consumer electronics and other wirelessly connected devices (in the paper, described as "mobile devices") that are interested in using their hardware products as platforms from which to deliver value-added services.

The paper describes how Mobile Software Management (MSM) can be used to achieve this strategy. With MSM, manufacturers can leverage a range of over-the-air technologies-firmware updating, application management, device analytics, policy management and Type-1 virtualization-both as differentiating features that can strengthen their offerings and as services to their customers. Readers will learn from case studies of how to successfully use MSM to deliver new integrated services.

WiMAX Business Deployment Guide: Portability, not mobility, may be what makes WiMAX an attractive option for your current business broadband needs
Sidecut Reports
10/14/2009 10:47:02 AM
Business users evaluating WiMAX for their broadband and Internet-access needs may be surprised to find that the simple portability of the new services may be more useful, at least for right now, than the cellular-like capabilites that qualify WiMAX as a true next-generation wireless technology.

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