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Zipwhip Chooses AdaptiveMobile to Secure Enterprise-to-Person Texting
By Rory Lidstone
There's a lot of talk about security in just about every facet of the technology industry these days, but talk of SMS security is somewhat scarce. In fact, it seems that mobile security solutions provider AdaptiveMobile is one of few companies regularly tackling text messaging security, whether that…

Vyke Moves Mobile Telephony Forward with VoIP Apps
By Frank Griffin
With only a single number, users are limited if they want to compartmentalize the different part of their lives with unique numbers. Vyke has solved this problem with the launch of its new app that will give users the option of adding up to four additional mobile phone numbers on a single device.

ADM Embeds Qosmos ixEngine Into its Policy Control and Traffic Management System
By Rory Lidstone
Qosmos, a provider of IP traffic classification and network intelligence technology, recently helped ADM Systems, a provider of traffic management solutions, in its traffic management, quality of service (QoS) and subscriber analytics goals. In particular, ADM opted to embed the Qosmos ixEngine SDK …

Instagram for iOS Gets Multi-Account Support
By Rory Lidstone
Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram a few years ago, development of the photo sharing app has continued at a steady pace, with many features seemingly designed to bring Instagram's functionality closer to that of Facebook, such as the ability to tag photos. The most recent major addition to Insta…

Tangoe Claims Patent for Data Usage Analysis
By Christopher Mohr
Tangoe announced recently that it had been awarded a patent for technology that allows enterprises to analyze data usage patterns and assign the costs of such usage to different categories. Enterprises would be able to break down how the data in their data plans is being accessed and adjust their pl…

MorphoTrust and Collaborating on Next-Gen Mobile Solutions
By Clayton Hamshar
More and more transactions are being carried out on mobile portfolios, which obviously has created the need for robust security precautions to protect sensitive data. Another less-talked-about aspect of this trend is the need for infallible identity verification procedures, so that consumers and bus…

Apple Stores to Allow Broken iPhone Trade-ins
By John Casaretto
Apple fans will soon have another option if their iPhones are damaged. For the first time ever, customers at Apple Retail stores can bring in their iPhones with cracked screens, buttons, and cameras and receive credit towards new products. It's a big, but welcome departure from their prior policy wh…

LTE in the U.S.? 'Not So Fast,' Says New Report
By Peter Bernstein
For those of us who reside in the United States, you would think that not only is every inch of our county covered with 4G LTE, but also that we have the fastest such networks in the world. Unfortunately, the recent findings from the good folks at OpenSignal show perception does not match reality.

Macro Base Stations to Take Big Hit in Upcoming Market Moves
By Steve Anderson
The very nature of technology ensures that some systems will be winners, and some will be losers. Generally, the winners eventually become losers as technology advances and surpasses that which once was indispensable. Macro base stations are set to take a similar hit, according to a new report from …

Consumers Use Smartphones as Entertainment Hub, Study Finds
By Andrew Bindelglass
Despite the proliferation of entertainment apps for mobile devices (think Netflix, Youtube, or HBOGo), the general assumption has been that the primary function of the smartphone has been for communication. That is, the idea that people mostly use their smartphones for texting, calling, and video ch…

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