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2017 Broadband Predictions from Mimosa
By Special Guest
In 2017, Jaime Fink, Co-Founder at Mimosa, predicts that ISPs across the globe will recognize that new methods are required to deliver ubiquitous, superfast broadband. Here's what to expect during what will be an exciting year in telecoms.

Airfi and AT&T Sign Reseller Agreement
By Chrissie Cluney
Airfi prides itself on the technological feat of simplifying the development of connected devices. The announcement of its collaboration with AT&T in the form of a reseller agreement isn't a surprise.

FTC: Qualcomm's Business Practices are Anticompetitive
By Paula Bernier
The Federal Trade Commission yesterday filed a complaint against Qualcomm, charging the company with anticompetitive business practices related to its broadband chip manufacturing business. Apple is among Qualcomm's victims, according to the complaint.

Legere, Malone Critique MSOs' Mobile Strategies
By Paula Bernier
Speaking at a Lions Gate investor event, Malone reportedly commented that the three largest U.S. cablecos - Charter, Comcast, and Cox Communications - could and perhaps should purchase T-Mobile U.S. This kind of combination may be more feasible once President-elect Donald Trump takes office, Malone …

DMI Reveals Top Mobility Trends for 2017
By Ken Briodagh
Annual Report Highlights Data Insights, Customer Experience, New Devices, Cloud and Hybrid Technologies and Innovations Across Industries as Influencers of Mobile Strategy

Study: Telcos Losing Big to OTT
By Paula Bernier
Network operators are likely to lose nearly $104 billion this year as consumers continue their move from operator-provided text and voice services to OTT messaging and social media solutions, Juniper Research suggests. That's 12 percent of the network operators' revenues.

The 5G Myth: A Book Review
By Chrissie Cluney
Are you skeptical about the new generation of wireless broadband technology that is being discovered?

CES: Jumptuit Cross-Platform Search Integrates Google Machine Learning
By Ken Briodagh
At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, Jumptuit announced the integration of Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform, including Google Cloud Speech for speech recognition and audio transcription, Google Cloud Natural Language for document analysis and Google Cloud Vision for image analysis, to …

FCC Filing Reveals Nintendo Switch Stats
By Steve Anderson
While we've known about the system for some time, and a complete event will offer up more information about it on January 12, the new reports from the FCC paint an unusual picture of this new device, at least as far as its connectivity goes. While the new system will have Bluetooth connectivity, it …

Smartphone Design Trends in 2017
By Special Guest
Like an aging athlete who finds it challenging to keep winning medals every season, the smartphone space has been in a bit of a rut in recent years.

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