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Blackberry Brings QWERTY Back with 'Blackberry Classic' Smartphone
By Oliver VanDervoort
Over the last few years, Blackberry has gone through quite a few ups and downs. The company is still struggling plenty, but it appears it has finally found a bit more stable ground. In fact, the firm has done so well that it is actually going to pay people who use iPhones to switch over to its produ…

Find Out the Top Three Trends Encouraging Aggressive Growth in the Global VoMBB Market
By Jes Ellacott
Voice over mobile broadband (VoMBB) is basically a mobile-based voice solution that enables telecom carriers to route standard mobile phone calls over mobile broadband networks such as LTE, Wi-Fi, and HSPA. It comes with a slew of advantages for telecom carriers, such as supporting high-quality audi…

Wheelings & Dealings: The Ball is in Motion for BT to Acquire EE
By Joe Rizzo
BT Group plc, more commonly known as BT, is a British multinational telecommunications services company with its headquarters in London. In addition, it has operations in about 170 countries. Through its BT Global Services division it is a supplier of telecom services to corporate and government cus…

MuleSoft Founder: APIs, Mobile Devices are Driving New Customer Experiences
By Paula Bernier
APIs and connected devices are enabling retailers to give shoppers more control, and that's a good thing for both sellers and buyers, says Ross Mason, founder of integration platform provider MuleSoft.

Does Apple VoLTE Make T-Mobile More Compelling?
By Carl Ford
As a phone consumer, I miss my analog phone where the calls dropped all the time but the voice quality was rarely the issue.

ABI Research: 5G in 2020 Rare, 5G in 2025 Huge
By Steve Anderson
It's perhaps one of the biggest truisms the technology sector contains: everything that is now is at least somewhat overshadowed by what's next. So much so that, in some cases, what's brand new today could be meaningless and obsolete in a matter of months. Those who are into 4G, meanwhile, have litt…

Move Over, LTE: 5G begins Formal Standards Process
By Tara Seals
Up until now, the term "5G" has referred to a collection of nebulous guidelines meant to address the exploding requirements for carrying all of that mobile data and video that consumers and businesses seem to require. It will support speeds up to 1,000 times faster than today's 4G LTE networks, and …

The Rollout of 5G: Get Ready, Get Set, Hype!
By Carl Ford
The hype cycle for 5G has officially crossed into mainstream with the GSMA Report on what 5G could be, and what clearly the GSMA is not.

Accuris Networks Talks Biggest Wi-Fi Trends for 2015
By Allison Boccamazzo
Anyone who owns an Internet-connected device has dealt with the frustrations of a poor service plan. For example, if booking a European vacation a customer may choose to leave his or her smartphone at home for fear of being hit with exorbitant international roaming fees. Even at the domestic level, …

Freescale Platform Brings Simple Wireless Charging to Larger Devices
By Steve Anderson
One of the great things about writing like this is that, for the most part, I'm part of the mobile workforce. I have a laptop, because trying to type on a tablet when your fingers run three to four inches long can be a challenge at best. However, laptops can be bulky and unpleasant to move around fr…

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