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Rivetz and Cognida Team Up To Tackle Growing Mobile Device Security Threats
By Special Guest
The mobile attack surface continues to expand, driving enterprise IT and security teams to explored increasingly sophisticated ways to share private data and confidential information when it comes to billions of devices being used as the primary means of communications now and in the future.

Uncovering iPaaS -- A Key to Accelerate the Speed of Business
By Special Guest
Today, Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is the most sought after technology. It holds the promise to align technologies, allowing them to work in tandem and respond faster to business needs. The technology is getting the desired stronghold. Enterprises with iPaaS are solving IT complexity, …

How IoT is Changing the Future of Mobile
By Special Guest
What's the best way to adapt to the industry-wide changes that'll inevitably continue as IoT becomes more integrated into mobile?

5 Things You Must Know How to Do With Your iPhone
By Special Guest
If you're like most people, you probably reach for your phone dozens of times a day. But even with your phone so close at hand, there may be some secrets inside that you haven't yet unlocked. If you want to get the best performance out of your iPhone, it's time to learn a little bit about the impres…

OtherWorld Wins European Digital Media Award
By Chrissie Cluney
OtherWorld uses beacon technology to create a powerful and highly responsive news ecosystem.

How Mobile Technology Will Dominate the Future of Business
By Special Guest
It is really astonishing to have the power to retrieve almost any information and communicate in several different ways by the help of a small device that can easily fit into your pocket.

EQUIIS Adds Secure Audio and Video Messaging to Enterprise Mobile Communication
By Ken Briodagh
EQUIIS Technologies, a secure mobile communications provider for the enterprise, has released a tool for secure audio and video messaging as part of its EQUIIS Secure Collaboration Platform.

The Evolution of the Web
By Lindsey Patterson
The history and development of the World Wide Web started with the assembly of the computer in the early 1950s.

AT&T and Aira Leverage IoT for Accessibility
By Ken Briodagh
Assistive Technology Platform Announces Global Expansion on Global Accessibility Awareness Day

7 Ways To Take Advantage Of Mobile Technology To Improve Business
By Special Guest
Currently there are large amounts of applications that are useful for the development of a company.

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