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What a bunch of Yahoooooos!
By Carl Ford
There are so many things wrong with this story, that I don't know where to start.

No Restraints On 5G Hype While LTE Progresses
By Doug Mohney
Between AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, you might think 5G will be available - as in commercially available, you'll be able to buy a handset - next year. Not happening. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standard won't be finalized until 2020, meaning there's going to be an ugly a…

Gigabit Data Over Power Lines Closer to Reality With AT&T's Airgig
By Steve Anderson
The notion of using power lines-now pretty much ubiquitous over most of the United States and large parts of the world-as a method to transmit high-speed Internet access isn't new, even if it's been stymied several times over the course of its life. AT&T Labs, however, may have found the way to actu…

Comcast Enters Mobile Phone Service Market
By Alicia Young
With new iPhone releases and exploding Samsung batteries, it seems like mobile phones have been on everyone's minds these days. Comcast showed that they, too, have mobile devices on the brain by announcing that they will launch their own MVNO cellular service. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts revealed duri…

Altair Semiconductors Certified for Verizon
By Chrissie Cluney
Are you searching for a mobile phone that has the latest chipset within it?

Is Your Service Provider Messing with your Wi-Fi?
By Carl Ford
Oh Yeah, Wi-Fi. That sad spectrum solution that makes it so your wireless service provider doesn't have to admit their network can't handle user demand.

DispatchPLUS: Not Your Grandfather's Walkie Talkie
By Chrissie Cluney
Thirty years ago, NEXTEL developed a national "Push-to Talk" mobile network with more than 20 million subscribers, and a subsequent merger with Sprint.

RCS: The Next Major Step for Mobile Operators Competing with OTT
By Erik Linask
Mobile first has really become the accurate descriptor for a growing number of today's global population. The computing power, connectivity and communications capabilities of our mobile devices make it so we don't even need to slow down to use a desk, home phone, laptop or PC if we don't want to. Ne…

Do the Carriers Need an AirBNB for Small Cell Installations?
By Ken Briodagh
At CTIA (News - Alert) this weekTeleworld Solutons garnered an E-Tech award for its website

'Mobile-First Network' Sets the Stage for SMBs to Compete and Win
By Special Guest
The explosion of smartphones and tablets is transforming the way we communicate, work and manage our personal lives. We stay connected everywhere, and collaborate on the go at every opportunity we get. We need the ability to access business applications at the highest speeds and quality possible - r…

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