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OtterBox + iPhone 5c: Protection & Style for Any Budget
By Stefania Viscusi
There's probably nothing more frustrating than loosing or breaking a mobile device. We've become so dependent on these pricey items for both our personal and business lives, and for most of us, the data that is on them has great value. While cloud storage has made it a little easier on us, still, ha…

WISPs Say Rural Internet Access Will Suffer if New 5-GHz Rules are Imposed
By Gary Kim
Interference control is an essential part of effective use of unlicensed and shared communications spectrum, all might agree. But such rules also can have important ramifications. Consider the impact of proposed changes in rules regarding use of 5-GHz spectrum.

Anite Announces Triton LTE Wireless Network Testing Tool
By Casey Houser
Wireless testing equipment manufacturer Anite announced this week its official launch of Triton, its LTE wireless core network testing tool.

Senate Holds Hearing on Cell Phone Cramming
By David Delony
A growing number of U.S. mobile users are finding themselves saddled with unauthorized charges on their bills, a practice known in the industry as "cramming." The problem has grown so severe that it's attracted attention from Congress, according to Reuters.

Wheelings & Dealings: Nokia Acquires a Healthy Portion of Panasonic
By Joe Rizzo
If we look at everything that has been going on lately with Nokia, we see a pattern-the company's future is focused on providing network solutions, rather than mobile phones. All appearances show that this seems to be a move that has been good for Nokia. The company made big profits in the second qu…

Certificate Verification Flaw in Android Exposes Users to Malware
By Joe Rizzo
Hackers are an incredibly smart group of criminals. In most cases, they show more creativity than the person or group who created the application they are hacking into. You have to constantly be on guard since there seems to be new malware popping up almost every day. Malicious software or Malware a…

France's Illiad Makes Surprise Bid for T-Mobile US
By Gary Kim
Illiad, the mobile service provider that has revolutionized the French mobile market, has made a bid to buy T-Mobile US, an unexpected move that might be a nightmare for the other U.S. mobile service providers.

Social Media Mobile Fans: Sprint Set to Offer Inexpensive Connection Plan
By Steve Anderson
For anyone who's ever had a cable plan, and wondered why they were paying such ridiculous amounts of money for channels that were never watched in the first place-does anyone really need five or more ESPNs? -there's a new mobile plan that may be just for you. Specifically, it's from Sprint, and it's…

Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Profit Drops 44 Percent
By Gary Kim
Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong reported an unaudited first-half net profit decline of 44 percent year over year.

Apple Granted a Surprising Patent
By Alexandra Duggan
There is exciting news today for Apple: the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has officially published 33 newly granted Patents for Apple INC. There is a particular buzz around the patents granted today due to its potential effect on video conferencing technology.

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