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Your Wallet's Waning Battery Life: Eyeing the Need for a Wireless Future
By TMCnet Special Guest
It started with Uber five years ago. All of a sudden, car services were ordered and paid for with a simple button in your phone. Transactions that used to involve wallets, exchanges of cash and frequent headaches never left the phone screen. Five years later, nearly every purchase is available throu…

Facebook's Focus on Mobile is Paying Off
By Paula Bernier
If you don't think that your ability to reach customers via mobile is important to your business, think again. As the recent American Consumer Satisfaction Index on e-business, and social media giant Facebook, both illustrate, mobile has become a key - in many cases the key - method of communication…

Paying in 2015: America's Preference
By Joe Rizzo
There was a time when everyone walked around with cash in their pockets. That was the way of paying for items, whether it was grocery or gas for your car. Supermarkets and retail stores allowed you to pay by check, but that was usually after you went through an approval process.

The Vela Bike: Pedaling Into the Future
By Ryan Logie
If you are tired of sitting in traffic, sick of high gas prices, or if you are environmentally conscious and trying to make the small difference where you can, say hello to the Vela Electric Urban Cruiser bike. You might be saying to yourself, what bike needs a title that long? But the Vela is not j…

Testing the Soundness of BT's Green Supply Chain
By Carl Ford
It was refreshing to speak with Darrin Whitney, GENBAND's Chief Information and Sustainability Officer, about GENBAND'S achievement in reaching BT Group's Silver Level Status and their participation in the Better Future Supplier Forum.

CydeKick Helps Turn Pedals into Power
By Andrew Bindelglass
Increased environmental awareness. Annoying traffic congestion. Vehicle maintenance headaches. All of these represent incentives to find alternate modes of transportation. Now, Spinetics, Inc. is pushing their own nifty invention aimed at making bicycle travel even more convenient.

Talking Teddies: Why CloudPets Might be the Toy of the Future
By Ryan Logie
As humans are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, it seems like our toys are too. Today's child is no longer entertained with a simple doll or even a Gameboy, but craves toys that are stimulating, interactive, or give them a connection to others. Enter CloudPets, the newest take on stuffed animals, an…

Text Message Hack Reveals Android's Vulnerability
By Andrew Bindelglass
A few months ago, iPhone users discovered a bug in which receiving a cryptic text message filled with Arabic characters would cause the phone to crash and restart. Apple eventually was able to submit a patch to correct this bug, and all was right with the world.

eCommerce Fraud Evolves To Target mCommerce
By TMCnet Special Guest
Looking at how consumers pay with their phones, the most surprising finding is that bill-to-phone transactions, which is when retailers bill consumers through their monthly telephone bill, soared to 30 percent, up from 21 percent last year. Purchases directly through apps and web browsers remained r…

Samsung Launches Monitor that Doubles as Wireless Phone Charger
By Andrew Bindelglass
In one of the most dramatic innovations among monitors for years, Samsung today unveiled their SE370 monitor that doubles as a wireless charger for mobile devices. Working with all mobile devices that follow the Qi standard for wireless charging, the desktop monitor "declutters work areas by doing a…

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