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Introducing weBoost: New Identity, Name but Same Core Products
By Carrie Majewski (née Schmelkin)
Here's a question for you… how much do you know about cellular signal boosters? If the statistics indicate anything, you are most likely part of the 96 percent that knows little about the industry.

Thoughts While at ITEXPO: Confusion, Collusion and Net Neutrality
By Carl Ford
I am sitting here at ITEXPO in Miami waiting for my conferences to start, and I have been trying to manage a better delivery system for the PowerPoints

Telinta Announces New Global Roaming Service at ITEXPO
By Alisen Downey
The remote workforce is growing more and more each day, but mobile communications can still be an issue while traveling abroad. Providers tend to hike up prices and add extra fees for roaming while using their services. But when business calls overseas, workers are stuck between a rock and a hard pl…

Survey Finds Hands-Free Cell Phone Use is Supported by the Majority of Americans
By Alexandra Duggan
From careers to personal life, more and more people are finding instant communication a necessity. It is unthinkable to some individuals that their conversations need to be put on hold, even when getting behind the wheel of car.

Super Bowl Sunday - How DAS is Helping Fans, Businesses Stay Connected
By Paula Bernier
When it comes to massive events like the Super Bowl, there's a whole lot of behind the scenes work that needs to be done to make them successful. One of the key considerations again this year was how to ensure people within the stadium and other key venues are able to enjoy the online capabilities o…

New Forecast Shows LTE Macro and Small Cell RAN Market to Exceed $24 Billion by 2019
By Joe Rizzo
Mobile data traffic has just about doubled every year since 2008 when the smartphone market started accelerating. Equipment suppliers continue to push the technology envelope to ensure service providers can manage the exponential data growth and improve speed, coverage, capacity and most importantly…

Tastes Great, Less Filling: LoRa
By Carl Ford
With all the commitment to LTE and LTE-Advanced, you would think that industry was ready to commit to a single standard and let the ARM chipset drive the marketplace.

Next Step to 5G Taken in UK by Ofcom
By Joe Rizzo
October 2014, Samsung Electronics announced two industry first milestones in the development of 5G telecommunications networking technology. First the company clocked 7.5Gbps or 940MB per second, the fastest-ever 5G data transmission rate while in a stationary environment. The next step the company …

ITEXPO: Telinta CEO Talks UC, Mobility and the Year to Come
By Maurice Nagle
Since 2002, Telinta has been delivering highly-customizable white label switching and billing solutions for VoIP providers. Its places customer as its highest priority, and in delivering its white label solutions customers are given a choice of providers, a scalable solution and the dependability of…

Investments Focus on Wireless as FCC Discussions on Net Neutrality Impede Wireline Broadband
By Joe Rizzo
We have seen a lot of growth and innovations with respect to the Internet. Possibly, one of the biggest reasons for this is that most Internet providers have treated Internet traffic equally. This principle is known as "net neutrality." In essence, it makes it possible for an entrepreneur's fledglin…

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