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Bandwidth and BlueLight Partner for New Campus Safety App
By Alexandra Duggan
The growing use of smartphone safety apps is helping students reduce their risk of violent or sexual assaults on campus. Typically, students always have their smartphones in hand downloading safety apps gives students access to help at their fingertips.

WhatsApp Calling Feature Gives iPhone Users a Voice
By Dominick Sorrentino
As WhatsApp continues to see its subscriber base grow, the subscription-based messenger app is turning to voice as away to get a leg up on the widening array of mobile calling apps.

Google Offers a New Way to Say Hello
By Joe Rizzo
A few days ago I was walking down the street when a sign in a window caught my eye. It read, "Free Wi-Fi Here." This is the type of sign that you see in a lot of places these days- cafes, restaurants, books stores all have them. What made this seem out of place, to me at least, was the fact that thi…

Facebook Tweaks its News Feed: Don't Panic
By Dominick Sorrentino
Updates to the Facebook page layout have proved that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Every time the social media platform tweaks its interface, everyone and their grandmother starts seeing red-and not because they have more notifications.

Will the Mobile Internet Require SS7 2.0?
By Carl Ford
While consumers have fiber / cable modems, enterprises are moving off their "T-1"s and being pushed on to Ethernet services. Faster and cheaper sounds all well and good, until you add volume.

Blurred Lines: Enterprise Mobility Edition
By Dominick Sorrentino
For the sake of employee productivity-and sanity-there have to be barriers between work and personal life. As enterprise mobility improves communication in work environments across a wide spectrum of industries, it also smudges the work-life lines for many employees.

2016 Could Mark Nokia's Return to the Phone Market
By Joe Rizzo
About a year ago, I commented that if we were to look at everything that has been going on to date with Nokia, we see a pattern. The company was focusing on providing network solutions, rather than mobile phones as its future strategy. All indications were that this seemed to be the right move for N…

Aruba Finds Enterprise Security Threat Level Linked to User Demographics, Industry and Geography
By Peter Bernstein
It is always interesting in analyzing data to look deeply at results that are highly correlated. It is why, given the absolute priority of securing enterprise data and assuring employees are well-schooled in best practices for risk avoidance and mitigation, the a recent survey done by Sunnyvale, CA-…

BlackBerry's BES12 Proves Communications Platform of Choice for CarePartners
By Steve Anderson
Home healthcare providers have made some significant gains over the years, especially as the demographic shift in the United States and beyond starts to favor the elderly. This has led to firms such as CarePartners stepping in to offer services to a graying population, and with that, comes a need to…

Let the Lawsuits Begin! AT&T, Industry Associations Sue Over FCC Open Internet Order
By Paula Bernier
Foes of the FCC's Open Internet Order were busy this week, as several industry groups and AT&T separately sued the commission for its recently passed rules.

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