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Apple to Hold Back on Making NFC Available to iOS App Developers
By Christopher Mohr
One of the most touted features of Apple's new iPhone is its support for near field communications (NFC), which the company will leverage in its Apple Pay system. What is not included in those plans is to make the technology available to developers. Those who had hoped to develop iPhone6 apps that w…

iWatch Apple with Anticipation
By Carl Ford
I am having problem with Apple pundits not connecting the dots that celebrity nude photo breaches and mobile payment systems are vulnerable to the same man-in-the-middle attacks.

What's Behind an Expected Shipment of 1.2 Billion Smartphones This Year?
By Steve Anderson
Smartphones, in general, are starting to look a bit like a commodity. Most have a favorite already, a breed that will likely be kept to throughout the years as new versions emerge and refinements are made. But a new report from Juniper Research suggests that global smartphone shipments are about to …

China Companies Join to Advance Next-generation Wireless
By Casey Houser
An electronic circuitry manufacturer announced this week that it has partnered with a research institute in China to advance the development of its 5G wireless network.

T-Mobile CEO Says Sprint's 'iPhone for Life' Plan May Disappoint Customers
By Shawn Hebert
With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus arriving later this week, Sprint's "iPhone for Life" plan is the cheapest across the four major U.S. wireless carrier providers, according to a study by RBC Capital Markets.

Ecrio and GCT Semiconductor Join Forces to Develop Optimized Turnkey 4G VoLTE Solution
By Matt Paulson
A collaboration between Ecrio Inc. and GCT Semiconductor Inc. could soon deliver a Voice over LTE (VoLTE) phone solution to meet the needs of business and even residential customers. Ecrio is a leading provider of 4G LTE real time communications for the mobile industry, and a collaboration with GCT …

Creating a Wi-Fi Foundation to Improve Mobile App Experience and Support Increased Usage of Smartphones and Tablets in the Workplace
By TMCnet Special Guest
Smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our lives. According to a recent Aruba study, #GenMobile - an emerging population marked by their preference for all things mobile-would give up coffee and eating out before their mobile devices. Our addiction to smartphones and tablets extends…

Seamless Call Handoff Between Wi-Fi, Mobile Will Boost Competition
By Gary Kim
The ability to initiate a call on a Wi-Fi network and maintain the session when a caller leaves a building, allows mobile service providers with indoor coverage or network coverage issues to boost both user experience and effective coverage.

Mobility TechZone Week in Review: iPhone 6 and Mobile VoIP
By Matt Paulson
Some of the biggest news in the mobile tech world came earlier this week with the announcement of the iPhone 6, apple's newest contribution to the smartphone industry. The iPhone 6, alongside it's bigger brother the 6 Plus, is touting several new features to make using the phone and its apps easier …

Kika Puts Old Modems to New Use
By Mae Kowalke
On the face of it, selling old modems and other outdated telecommunications equipment does not sound like much of a business. Yet, there is a surprisingly robust need for older equipment.

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