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Yet Another SDN Strategy To Migrate 2.5 to LTE
By Carl Ford
With Legba and SS7Ware collaborating to release it into the open source community, YateBTS 5.0 allows a GSM/GPRS network implementation to bring IoT coverage with minimal cost.

Swrve Tops Mobile SDK Rankings
By Tara Seals
In the world of third-party software developer kits (SDKs), ease of use and comprehensive tools are the name of the game for app developers, who look to create compelling mobile apps at a reasonable cost.

Responsive vs. Adaptive Web Design
By Sam Ganga
Faster than any other technology in history, mobile is transforming the way companies sell to their customers. Because of this break-neck pace, it has become difficult for organizations to keep up with mobile standards and trends. In fact, beginning in April of 2015, Google announced that it would u…

Mesh Network Technology Bolsters Mass Transit Industry
By TMCnet Special Guest
In major metropolitan centers like Chicago, city dwellers who take public transportation come to rely on apps that track arrivals of trains and buses. Failure of the technology that informs these apps is a big deal when passengers must get to work or to an appointment on time. If the app indicates t…

KFC Now Serving Wireless Tray Typer: Keeps Your Smartphone Grease Free
By Dominick Sorrentino
As far as first-world problems go, greasy fingers while eating fried chicken are high on the list-they tear smartphone users from their screens, or worse, leave them with no recourse but to text and browse using nothing more than their pinkies.

MobileE2E Addresses Mobile Workforce with Apptrify
By Paula Bernier
There's a new player on the mobile workforce automation front. The company is called MobileE2E and its solution is Apptrify.

Can OTT Kill VoLTE or Voice-Charging?
By Carl Ford
When Serge Lachapelle of Google spoke at WebRTC last week, the discussion was very straightforward about where Google was driving WebRTC.

XPress Cloud to Become the World's First Wi-Fi-as-a-Service Solution
By Clayton Hamshar
Meru Networks is continuing to expand the opportunities offered by its Wi-Fi networking solutions by forming a new strategic alliance with WestconGroup, a global value-added distributor of a range of technology solutions. The two companies will collaborate on delivering a subscription-based Wi-Fi-as…

High Mobile Access, Low Mobile Policy Presents Big Problems for Enterprise
By Steve Anderson
A recent survey from SANS offered two critical points that represented the conversational equivalent of certain catalytic chemical reactions. While neither point by itself would pose much of an issue, the combination of the two points together made for a major reaction, and one that companies turnin…

Text-to-911 Movement in the United States Powered by TeleCommunication Systems
By Steve Anderson
By now, most everyone's familiar with some point in a movie where someone tries with a clear desperation to call 911, but tries with equal desperation to not be overheard doing so. It's times like those, and plenty of others, where the ability to send a text to 911 would be prized. But 911 hasn't ha…

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