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Local Social Networking App Yik Yak Gets Dough to Grow
By Miguel Leiva-Gomez
What if there was a way for people to see what others within their city were saying around the Web? Perhaps one of the most interesting "getting people together" ideas in recent social media history is a little app called Yik Yak that does exactly that. Yik Yak, an app that engages people locally by…

VoLTE Whitewashing Smacks of Propaganda
By Doug Mohney
Have you noticed the most recent wave of happy talk around Voice over LTE (VoLTE)? I'm having flashbacks to the overstated wonders of IMS and LTE. U.S. carriers and telecommunications equipment manufacturers should be held to account for VoLTE optimistic promises. Instead, the industry seems to be i…

Smartphones Aren't Just for Young People
By Joe Rizzo
There have been several studies conducted over the years in an attempt to discover how many people own smartphones and what type of people they are. Last summer a report from Pew Research determined that 56 percent of American adults were smartphone owners. Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact …

SURE Launches WM+ Edition Exclusively for WiMAX Operators
By Michael Guta
The WiMAX Forum was established back in June 2001 as a not-for-profit industry group that certifies and promotes the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products; based upon the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' Standard 802.16e. The primary goal of the organiza…

UPC and Ziggo Launch App for OTT Mobile VoIP Communication
By Daniel Brecht
A recent post on the Broadband TV News website reports that UPC Nederland, a large cable operator in the Netherlands, has launched an app that makes calling via Wi-Fi possible at fixed telephony rates. The app has been released just a few days after the other major Dutch cable operator, Ziggo, launc…

Roam Adds Mobility SIM Cards to Simply Computing Stores
By Jonathan Keane
Roam Mobility SIM cards for iPhone and iPad are now available at Simply Computing Stores across Canada. There are currently eight stores across the country.

Mobile Operators Risk Losing Millions of Customers, Billions in Revenues
By TMCnet Special Guest
As mobile operators focus on rolling out their 4G/LTE networks, many risk losing sight of some customers and revenue streams that could contribute to healthy returns on those huge network investments. The customers at stake are those in the United States who make international long-distance (ILD) ca…

Sprints Plan by 2015: Unlockable Phones
By Joe Rizzo
Until recently, when T-Mobile announced its Un-carrier plan, the two year contract with fees for early termination was just one of the ways that mobile carriers kept their subscribers. Something else that kept you locked into your provider was the fact that your smartphone was actually locked. That …

AT&T Device Installment Plans are Shaping Device Revenue Trends
By Gary Kim
AT&T first quarter 2014 results will provide reason for both optimism and concern. AT&T posted better earnings than anticipated by analysts, with revenues up about 3.5 percent

Cell phones Prove Surprising Boost To Literacy In Developing Countries
By Steve Anderson
Sometimes tools have unexpected, and even unintended, new uses. From the first time someone used a rock for decoration up until the modern day when screwdrivers proved surprisingly adept as paint can openers. While some believed that mobile devices might well kill the printed word, reports from UNES…

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