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Strategy Analytics Knows the Best Smartphone Size
By Steve Anderson
What's the best size for a smartphone? A Strategy Analytics study reveals it's holding steady at 5.0 to 5.3 inches.

IoT Opportunities are Coming for MNO, But When?
By Special Guest
IoT has become a focus area for most Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) worldwide. Yet, the fundamental question still remains: when will IoT business opportunities for MNOs achieve volume and scale?

Recycled Numbers: A Gateway to Fraudulent Activity
By Alicia Young
Despite the FCC's efforts with the TCPA, recycled numbers are still causing customers and carriers several problems when it comes to unwanted calls and messages. Recycled numbers can also open users up to several types of fraud.

Apple vs. Android: Why Choose?
By Alicia Young
It seems like every time there's a new smartphone released, fans on either side of the Apple vs. Android debate come out of the woodwork to explain why their preferred OS is better than the other. Both sides always have valid points, but there's still no clear winner. With the release of the last iP…

How Women Can Get Started in Tech
By Special Guest
Getting started in business can be intimidating - especially for women and especially in Silicon Valley, where only one in 10 tech execs is female. As the founder and CEO of MojiLaLa and a woman, I'm proud to be an example for women who want to marry creativity and tech to make a difference in the w…

Five Tips for Surviving Business Travel as an IT Pro
By Anna Johansson
Most people love to travel, but it's a lot less fun when it's for business purposes. Instead of checking out the sights and relaxing by the pool, your time is spent trying to locate office buildings and solve problems. But if you do it enough, you'll learn how to simplify the process and eliminate u…

Everything's Coming Up Roses for Hotel Guests at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
By Chrissie Cluney
Whether you come to Las Vegas to gamble or to see the sights, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas seeks to assist in your overall experience in regards to customer service and customer satisfaction.

Mobile App Dev: How to Leap from Laggard to Leader
By Special Guest
Today, by applying the lessons enterprises learned along the way, even smaller organizations can sprint forward and go from mobile laggards to mobile leaders.

MWC: Mittal Calls for No More Roaming Charges
By Steve Anderson
GSMA Chairman and founder / chairman of Bharti Enterprises Sunil Bharti Mittal took a bold step, calling for an end to mobile roaming charges worldwide.

Reverse Sticker Shock: AT&T Sinks Mobile Data Price
By Steve Anderson
AT&T, seeing a crowded marketplace for mobile data and big changes afoot, lowers its prices for unlimited data access.

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