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The Era of 5G: What Does It Mean for Businesses?
By Special Guest
Not too long ago, Ericsson - a brand in networking technology - showed off what could be the future of mobile networking through its demonstration of mmWave 5G during the 2017 MWC. That demonstration was followed by a tour across the United States, Europe and Asia. In the U.S., Ericsson teamed up wi…

Listen up: Sound Waves Speed POS for Mobile Payments
By Ken Briodagh
According to a recent announcement, Chirp, a technology company based in the UK, has created a solution designed to deliver a secure mobile payment experience at zero cost to the retailer.

Verizon to Spend $1B+ on Corning Fiber
By Paula Bernier
In an effort to fortify its wireline network in support of its 4G and 5G wireless efforts, Verizon Communications Inc. yesterday announced it will spend at least $1.05 billion on fiber optic cable and associated hardware from Corning Inc.

Toronto Raptor Cory Joseph Takes Selfie Game to the Next Level
By Ken Briodagh
Cory Joseph, Toronto Raptor and LG G6 smartphone ambassador, has reportedly used his G6 to create a new style of selfie, the twofie.

Orca Wave Reveals New Text Messaging Solution
By Steve Anderson
A new text messaging system geared toward the business user emerges with Orca Wave's

The Rise of M-Commerce and Why It Matters for E-Commerce Stores
By Special Guest
Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is on the rise. Smartphones and tablets have always come in handy for on-the-go product research, but shoppers are increasingly depending on their mobile devices to facilitate every step of the buying process.

The Types of Mobile Applications for Business
By Special Guest
It is important to understand that consumers now see mobile as providing instant access to the information about products and services that helps them reach a purchasing decision.

Why Hardware isn't Always to Blame when Smartphones Fail.
By Special Guest
In the same way that computers have performance limits in terms of RAM, mobile devices suffer when software and applications, when coupled with newer OS releases, result in system resource conflicts. This creates what can seem like a hardware failure.

Why Hackers Love Android Devices
By Special Guest
Some cybersecurity experts argue that Android's open-source nature makes Android devices more appealing to hackers. This argument bears closer inspection.

The Need for 'Yelp-Like' Consumer App Experiences in Enterprises
By Special Guest
While the consumer app market has grown significantly in the last ten years, the business mobility market continues to lag. Most enterprise mobile apps that businesses use are a far cry from the consumer-friendly mobile apps that allow users to do personal banking, connect with friends, and book res…

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