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Verizon Partnership Meeting Migrating in Tandem
By Carl Ford
Verizon's Partner Solutions gathering this year was in a very nice location, with very nice meetings, and I had the chance to listen to Eric Cevis, President of Verizon Partner Solutions.

Mojo Networks Aims to Open Up the Wi-Fi Market
By Paula Bernier
Startup Wi-Fi solutions company Mojo Networks may be a guppy swimming among whales, but the company aims to create a sea change in how this market works.

What the $4 Smartphone Means for Mobile Commerce in Emerging Markets
By Special Guest
Upstream strategy head explains what he $4 Freedom 251 will mean for mobile commerce in developing countries.

Braced for Impact: Maintaining QoE for Mobile Video
By Special Guest
Procera explains why it is essential that CSPs are able to manage the impact of mobile video traffic with complete control.

'5G: This Article Contains Content That is Written Like an Advertisement'
By Carl Ford
When we started writing about 4G, I was very clear that we were following the trends of LTE standards work. 4G was an appropriate term for where the standards were taking us.

T-Mobile Goes Beyond HD Voice to EVS
By Doug Mohney
In the U.S., T-Mobile has continually pushed the envelope of services and pricing in the wireless industry. The (un) carrier's latest move is to introduce Enhanced Voice Services (EVS), going beyond stock VoLTE and HD voice to a new level of voice quality. The new service/code also delivers better r…

Sprint Launches LTE Plus in the New York Metropolitan Area
By Rory Lidstone
Over the past six months, Sprint has added or upgraded service at various popular locations within the city, including Rockefeller Center, the 9/11 Memorial, Jacob Javits Center, JFK International Airport, and The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. In addition, since Sprint is contracted to complete …

Negroponte's 'Switchless' Future: Was He a Visionary?
By Carl Ford
Nothing is more frustrating than looking back at the past and seeing what should have been obvious at the time. Except maybe when companies talk as though the past did not happen at all.

Mobile Payments Space to Hit $95 Billion by 2018
By Rory Lidstone
The mobile payments industry today, though growing, is a mere shadow of what it will become in the next few years, according to a new study from Juniper Research. As mobile and wearable contactless payments make their way to transit systems, retailers and many other areas, Juniper expects massive gr…

A New Web Browser Looking to Orchestrate the Edge
By Carl Ford
With all the people looking to sell "as a service" web-based products, it often feels like the browser is being dumbed down.

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