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Ericsson and KDDI Come Together to Advance 5G Technology
By Frank Griffin
When 5G launches, it will introduce a new level of connectivity delivering a seamless user experience.

In the End, There Can Be a Lot of Traffic on Corning ONE Wireless Platform
By Carl Ford
Corning ONE is a DAS solution that homes radio traffic from antennas to their network core. This allows them to support carrier frequencies including the cellular carriers and Wi-Fi implementations.

AOptix: Building the Bridge to 5G
By Maurice Nagle
Let's talk latency. Most people don't care about a nanosecond here or a half second there but certain industries require both the need for speed and low latency-case in point, financial services. In finance, timing is everything, and can easily mean the difference between making a killing or getting…

Sprint Plans a Major Overhaul with a Regional Approach & Job Cuts
By Steve Anderson
Sprint has been down on its luck lately, as Verizon and AT&T continue to dominate the mobile field and T-Mobile makes aggressive moves forward. Sprint isn't taking this lying down, however, and has rolled out a new plan to focus on local service. Unfortunately, that plan entails job loss in some of …

Cisco and Ericsson: Love, Actually!
By Carl Ford
While the coalition of the willing and other political footballs have changed the landscape of populations, Cisco and Ericsson are trying to stem the tide of competition, specifically Huawei.

Are You Safe? We Want to Know
By Carl Ford
At the risk of sounding like a politician that says, "Never let a crisis go to waste", I want to make a point about technology and a gap I see.

MobileIron: EMM is Taking Center Stage
By Paula Bernier
Enterprise mobility management is becoming the center of end user computing, security, and management. So says Vittorio Viarengo, vice president of products and marketing at MobileIron.

App Annie Announces Mobile App Intelligence Made Better
By Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan
Recently, App Annie announced new benefits to operators and OEMs everywhere. As the largest mobile application intelligence platform, it has continuously delivered powerful market data and insights to users in the app economy.

Motorola Solutions Supplies Mall of America with Digital Radios
By Frank Griffin
The Mall of America puts up some impressive numbers every year. This includes 42 million annual visitors and 11 to 13 thousand employees year-round. In this kind of setting, effective communication is extremely important, which has led the mall to deploy the always-available digital communications s…

Gartner Recognizes DMI for Managed Mobility Services in its Magic Quadrant
By Michael Guta
Managing mobile devices in the enterprise ecosystem is getting more complicated as more services are added. As a global end-to-end mobility company delivering mobile enterprise solutions, DMI provides Managed mobility services (MMS), a way to simplify the complications of the enterprise ecosystem. A…

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