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Taqua's Virtual Mobile Core Completes over Two Billion IMS-based Mobile Voice Calls
By Joe Rizzo
Taqua is a provider of fixed and mobile converged switching, gateway, media processing and backhaul solutions. When it was founded in 1998, the company's goal was to develop next generation telecommunications solutions that would economically deliver advanced communications capabilities. Since that …

T-Mobile Offering Black Friday Deal on Tablet before Black Friday
By Oliver VanDervoort
As we move into the middle of November, we are starting to see a number of companies getting ready for Black Friday, letting customers know what ridiculous deals they'll be able to get their hands on. At the same time, there are plenty of companies that are releasing applications to help people find…

Report from Ericsson Shows Global Mobile Subscriptions on Dramatic Rise
By Joe Rizzo
People all around the world are using their mobile devices with growing regularity. New apps are constantly being developed giving everyone even more reason to rely more on mobile. Today, Ericsson released its latest report entitled "Ericsson Mobility Report: On the Pulse of the Networked Society" a…

AT&T Offers an Update on Its Toggle BYOD Solution
By Paula Bernier
It's been years since the rise of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend. Many companies have since introduced solutions aimed at helping businesses get a better handle on the challenges created by BYOD while retaining their employees' ability to benefit from the enjoyment, flexibility, and producti…

Verizon Wireless: 'We Know Where You Go!'
By Carl Ford
The Electronic Freedom Foundation has revealed that Verizon Wireless has equipped its phones with a special header which, when you browse, that enables advertisers to develop a customer profile on you.

Starwood Hotels Makes Your iPhone and Apple Watch Your New Room Key
By Oliver VanDervoort
Most people think of fitness devices when they think of wearable technology. While that market might still be the most popular, there are new uses popping up for wearable technology all the time. Starwood Hotels might have just rolled out one of the most original ideas when it comes to an applicatio…

5G Value is Fuzzy, That's Okay, for Now
By Gary Kim
Nobody knows, yet, what "fifth generation" mobile networks will be. Some even doubt 5G will fundamentally be based on "faster speeds," as has been the case for most prior generations.

The FCC Gets Dense About Wireless
By Carl Ford
People get upset with the thought that their neighborhood will have a tower, no matter how distributed the antenna or small the cell.

Wheelings & Dealings: uBeam Snags $10M for Sound-based Wireless Charging
By Tara Seals
Imagine: true wireless device charging-with no need to find an outlet to plug your phone in. That's the vision behind uBeam, which just received $10 million in Series A funding.

AT&T Adds 30-Month Device Installment Plan
By Gary Kim
When telecom markets get more competitive, both "price" and "non-price" elements of retail offers start to change. One example is device installment plans.

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