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Novatel Finalizes Acquisition of DigiCore
By Oliver VanDervoort
Novatel has completed their takeover and acquisition of Digicore. This means that Novatel Wireless, which had already been known as a leading provider of IoT solutions, as well as the inventor of the MiFi technology, now has the infrastructure and experience base of Digicore's machine-to-machine tel…

Moore's Law in a Bind
By Carl Ford
We are getting to the point where wireless speeds and feeds are finally making real-time connectivity valuable. Strangely it's coming at a time when Moore's Law is hitting some problems with the physics of silicon.

iPhone Ad-Blockers Boost Battery Life, Accelerate Mobile Web Loading
By Tara Seals
Apple added support for ad blockers to its iPhone operating system in September, and it turns out that they conserve data use and battery life while also accelerating loading times for mobile Web pages.

According to AT&T, Competitors Launched WiFi Calling without FCC Approval
By Joe Rizzo
WiFi calling has been an enormous success for Sprint and T-Mobile, so why hasn't AT&T - whose customers beta-tested the service - joined suit? James Ciccioni, senior legal vice president for AT&T, says the competitors are in defiance of FCC law, while AT&T is covering its bases.

ITEXPO Presenter Offers Insight into Mobile Capabilities and Cloud Computing
By Susan J. Campbell
Adnan H. Lawai, CEO of Folio3 is set to be on hand for the upcoming ITEXPO in Anaheim, launching in-depth discussions on enterprise collaboration technologies. In a recent interview with TMC's Rich Tehrani, Lawai shared his insight on Unified Communications today, collaboration services, security fo…

ISACA Survey Points to Potential Rise in Mobile Payment Breaches
By Casey Houser
ISACA, a global cybersecurity nonprofit, recently completed a survey of 900 cybersecurity experts to determine their views on the state of the mobile payments market.

How the Selfie Stick Became an Unlikely Success Story
By Anna Johansson
For all the success these hot products have experienced, selfie sticks faced a major uphill battle to become an unlikely success story.

My Amazon Fire - The Boat Anchor That Keeps Swimming
By Carl Ford
I took a chance on the Amazon Fire phone, it was with the full awareness that I was probably going to be in the regret mode long before the contract completed.

The Reinvention of QR Codes
By Special Guest
QR Codes are evolving beyond marketing to support innovative new capabilities such as website login, identity verification, transaction authorization and more.

Nearly Six Percent of Mobile Users Visit Risky Site Every Day
By Oliver VanDervoort
When it comes to mobile device security, an awful lot of users seem to think that they don't need to practice the same kind of safe actions that they do when they are using PCs. This is according to Allot Communications, a global leader in intelligent broadband solutions, which recently released a r…

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