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98 Percent of Mobile Network Sessions are Data
By Peter Bernstein
If you are like me, the headline was one of those, "So who knew?" moments. It should have been intuitive given how few calls I make versus how many text, emails, etc., I initiate. It also should have made sense from watching my kids and their friends who almost never make calls but constantly have t…

Super Wi-Fi Continues To Evolve
By Carl Ford
The battle in Washington over spectrum is about to take a major shift, with the emphasis placed on investing in alternative spectrum solutions.

Samsung and Peel Team Up Again to Expand Second Screen TV App
By Joe Rizzo
Here is a description of Peel that I found on an Android site from a while back. It starts with, "Do you hate your cable or satellite TV channel guide?" It seems that the guys at Peel do, because they built the ultimate remote application that just destroys the boring old-school listings. Peel Smart…

Has the iPhone 6 Screen Leaked Out?
By Steve Anderson
Virtually every new Apple product comes with a panoply of rumors surrounding it, and the iPhone 6 will prove no exception. But one key point may have slipped out thanks to the Apple supply line, as the first images of the new iPhone 6 may have leaked, showing a potential new iPhone that's at least s…

Boingo to Provide Wi-Fi for EnergySolutions Arena
By Casey Houser
Boingo, a provider of small-cell and distributed antenna systems (DAS), will soon provide Wi-Fi services for EnergySolutions Arena, the home of the Utah Jazz basketball team. The two organizations recently reached a deal that will allow Boingo to upgrade the DAS at the arena and continue to manage i…

Wheelings & Dealings: Motorola's Tracking Technology Goes to Zebra for $3.5 Billion
By Joe Rizzo
Motorola has not only gone through a lot of changes over the past couple of years, it also seems to have gone through quite a few hands as well. Back in 2011, Motorola divided itself into two separate units. One of those units dealt with mobile phones. My first cell phone in 1998 was a Motorola with…

Gigabit Wi-Fi Should Get a Boost as FCC Opens Up Unlicensed Spectrum
By Joan Engebretson
Wi-Fi equipment capable of supporting speeds of a gigabit per second should get a boost from the FCC's recent decision to open up 100 MHz of spectrum in the 5 GHz band for unlicensed use. And the impact could be felt sooner than readers might expect.

Will Samsung Suffer as Smartphones Become Less Innovative?
By Steve Anderson
Back when the iPhone first made an appearance in 2007, there was simply nothing else to which to accurately compare the device. It was the first of its kind, really, an unexpected fusion of telephone and computer all contained within one easy to use and easy to carry package. It largely replaced, fo…

Windows Phone 8.1 Shows Significant Promise Over Predecessor
By Matt Paulson
When the Windows Phone 8 first came out, consumers found the release to be lackluster, and hardly an improvement over the Windows Phone 7.5. While Microsoft is in a unique position to run the same operating systems across phones, desktops, tablets and even TVs with the Xbox One console, none of that…

US Mobile Local Ad Revenue Could Reach $4.5 Billion This Year
By Joe Rizzo
Last week, a new report forecasting mobile local ads in the U.S. was released by BIA/Kelsey. The prediction is that locally targeted mobile ads will represent more than half of the overall U.S. mobile ad spending in the next couple of years. This will be largely driven by local marketing initiatives…

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