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Why you Should Make the Switch to Casino Apps When Gambling
By Special Guest
The trends in the gambling market are showing that more punters than ever before are placing bets using casino apps rather than using online casinos or land-based establishments. There are many reasons for this but the number one reason for the switch is the convenience that they provide.

How Is Cloud Computing Changing Human Resources?
By Special Guest
Cloud computing has been the talk of the town for the past decade. Along with artificial intelligence and machine learning, it's having an impact on everything a small business does in the world. This includes Human Resources.

The Drone Revolution: What makes them so fascinating?
By Special Guest
There's no doubt about it: drones have taken off in a big way - pardon the pun. And video camera-equipped drones are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Whether it's the chance to capture unique experiences and moments from the air or having fun with a helicopter-style device, drones are b…

5 Ways Trading Apps Are Disrupting Typical Investments
By Special Guest
It is estimated that more than 10,000 smartphone applications are being created every month. From checking the latest weather forecasts to chatting with friends while away from home, these user-friendly systems are quite handy.

The importance of using Bluetooth headsets for travelling
By Special Guest
It is difficult for modern people to imagine life without a mobile phone. However, there are times when it may be inconvenient to use a mobile phone (when driving a car, walking fast or running). In those situations, the Bluetooth headset overcomes everything. The headset allows you to connect to va…

Samsung Electronics Begins Mass Production of First 4-bit Consumer SSD
By Chrissie Cluney
The technology world will see its first ever 4-bit SSD in the near future for consumers to purchase.

The Basics of WordPress SEO
By Special Guest
When you have a website on the WordPress platform, you at least need to know the basics of WordPress SEO. You don't have to be an expert or ninja, but knowing what you are doing is key if you want to have the opportunity to rank your site in the search engines.

7 App Marketing Metrics You Should Be Tracking
By Special Guest
Your ultimate goal is to monetize your app in an increasingly competitive mobile landscape. But this is a very broad aim. First, it's important to acquire quality users. Then it's crucial to retain them over time. Both of these steps begin with your marketing strategy. Successfully marketing your ap…

4 Advancements That Industrial Automation Software Has Created
By Special Guest
More and more businesses are beginning to utilize automation software in order to take their business to the next level.

What is Patch Management and Why is it Necessary?
By Special Guest
Thanks to technology, running a business is much more convenient today than it ever has been in the past. However, to keep our systems and network safe, we require the use of patch management to keep our infrastructures updated properly.

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