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Shared Spectrum 2.X
By Carl Ford
We have looked at 3.5 GHz Band several times over the years. To the point where we share the joke with the punch line, "there has to be a pony in here somewhere."

Vivaldi 1.3: A Browser for Our Friends
By Chrissie Cluney
Vivaldi Technologies has updated their web browser to introduce custom themes. This adds a new dimension to the browser's personalization, protection for WebRTC IP leakage to improve privacy, and more mouse gestures.

Reinventing Devices to Meet Today's Mobile-First Workforce Needs
By Special Guest
When it comes to work as well as play, the mindset of most millennials is "mobile first." The "most connected" generation has always had access to a notebook PC and other mobile devices. They live on mobile apps and some may not even remember a time before high-speed Internet. They expect to use the…

Six Tools for Your Business On The Go
By Drew Hendricks
The golden rule of business is that it never stops. Not for your meetings. Not for lunch. Certainly not while you're sleeping. To beat your competition and grow your business as fast as possible, in today's world, it's become more important to be connected at all times. Some businesses do this by bu…

Gee, that's fast.
By Carl Ford
It was not a surprise to me that The Wall Street Journal found Google Fiber had troubles and struggled in deployment - to the point where they were rethinking their solution and need to be in the business. What was a surprise was that it made the front page.

Research Finds Large Gap Between Generations' App Usage
By Alicia Young
It's no secret that millennials prefer texting and apps to actually picking up the phone and calling someone. They are constantly texting their friends, playing games or surfing social media. That's why it's no surprise that a recent study from Parks Associates found that 24 percent of millennials u…

Time2Budget Your Time
By Chrissie Cluney
Are you trying to manage your time between your priorities and having personal time? If so, how is that working out for you? If you're looking for help, Arrken Software, LLC and the Apple app store present Time2Budget. This app starts users off with a "fixed income" of 168 hours per week. It assists…

Getting a Fix on 5G Wireless with Cambridge Broadband Networks
By Carl Ford
For those who know me, they recognize that I am reluctant to talk about beam forming and millimeter wave technologies. It's not that I don't think they don't work, I just think the deployments are going to be slow.

The Whole US is Watching via Mobile
By Carl Ford
Video is pervading in apps and sites in ways that make broadcasting rights almost irrelevant. The idea that the phone is the second screen is old. For the younger generation it is the primary screen.

Samsung Hits High Note with New Phablet
By Peter Bernstein
Pre-orders for the newly revealed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet start today. As a Samsung Galaxy user eligible for an upgrade of my Internet ride, it was a real treat to be at the Note 7 formal unveiling at Unpacked 2016 held in New York City, which was simulcast to London and Rio thanks to Samsung'…

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