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Mobile Apps for Business: Do You Need One?
By Special Guest
If you are a small business owner and own a website, you should seriously consider creating a mobile app. Today, most online activity is done on mobile platforms, and smartphone apps have become a huge marketing tool for many business owners.

7 Ways PWAs Are Disrupting Digital Strategies
By Special Guest
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are set to take off in a big way, and are an ideal solution for organizations wanting a better performance from their incumbent traditional apps, according to Will Morris, a digital strategy expert.

5 Ways Apps Are Changing Digital Visibility
By Larry Alton
Apps have become popular for their convenience and availability, but they're starting to eclipse other, more traditional forms of digital visibility. Businesses are being forced to rethink how they establish and maintain their digital presence in multiple areas.

OpenMarket and Ecrio Offer Application-to-Person Messaging for IoT
By Ken Briodagh
OpenMarket and Ecrio demonstrated the first Rich Communication Services (RCS) for IoT use cases with Samsung on T-Mobile's network at LiveWorx.

Weqool Chooses Temasys' for Social Fitness App
By Ken Briodagh
According to a recent announcement, Web Real-Time Communications company Temasys has leveraged its embedded real-time communication platform to provide the communication capabilities within the new social fitness app, Weqool.

Smartphones Need to Integrate with Vehicle Systems
By Ken Briodagh
The demand for in-vehicle connectivity and telematics has led to technological improvements, which aim at enhancing the overall in-vehicle experience of both the passengers and drivers.

Go mobile or go home: A look into the top mobile trends for 2017
By Special Guest
A recent article from author Dave Chaffey covers several mobile marketing statistics, so let's put look at some of the most significant mobile trends for 2017.

Seek AR App Brings The Mummy to Life
By Ken Briodagh
In a recent announcement, Seek, an augmented reality (AR) app, has made public its partnership with Universal Studios and Cinemark to promote the upcoming Tom Cruise Summer blockbuster, The Mummy.

TelcoBridges to Bring Tsbc Session Border Controller to Service Providers
By Chrissie Cluney
TelcoBridges, a designer and manufacturer of carrier-grade session border controllers (SBC) and VoIP media gateways, announced that it has virtualized its Tsbc Session Border Controller.

How Long Does it Take to Make an App?
By Special Guest
How long does it take to create an app? Coding is a very complex activity and the longevity of the entire project will directly depend on the schedule composed during the preliminary stage.

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