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Four Key Elements to Include in Your Mobile IAM Strategy
By TMCnet Special Guest
The growing reliance on cloud-based business applications and mobile devices creates significant challenges for IT professionals who must establish policies for identity and access management (IAM). An estimated 50 to 80 percent of cloud-based applications used within the average enterprise are prov…

ShelterBox & Flowfinity Get Together to Improve Disaster Response
By Steve Anderson
It's always good to know that excessive paperwork won't get in the way of helping people, especially those who have been recently struck by disaster. It's not really a magic bullet solution, of course, but it will likely trim down the amount of time, and therefore money, spent on administrative effo…

How Newly Available Technology for Private Wireless Networks Aids Humanity's Desire for Kinesis
By TMCnet Special Guest
Ubiquitous connectivity is growing in importance for business. The dependency on our communications infrastructure will grow exponentially and means a renewed focus on reliability and security.

Android Malware Hijacks the Phone When It's 'Off'
By Tara Seals
Taking a page from Hollywood blockbusters, a newly discovered malware hijacks Android mobile phones when owners believe they have switched them off-allowing a phone to be tracked, or used to take pictures, send surreptitious messages, or record and make calls.

If You Haven't Yet Learned the Power of 'GWATT', You Will
By Carl Ford
Breaking down the global issues of power consumption for undeveloped countries, the issues of power relate to maintaining stable resources, while for the developed world powers it's the largest recurring cost center.

Wi-Fi Offload Continues to Forge Demand for Effective Testing Solutions
By Olga Yashkova-Shapiro
The use of smart phones and other mobile devices is changing how consumers access the Internet. New generations of mobile devices are easy to handle and designed for instant access to the Internet. The way the Internet is consumed is changing as well.

Frontier Tells Its Wi-Fi, Fiber Story
By Paula Bernier
Frontier Communications was at ITEXPO Miami last month talking about what it's doing to bring higher speed broadband and Wi-Fi to its customers. Dennis Bloss, vice president and general manager at Frontier, spoke with me on camera to provide the details.

Ericsson Launches Router 6000 Series with an Eye on LTE Advanced, 5G and M2M
By Clayton Hamshar
Ericsson, a global provider of communications technology and services, has announced the launch of the Router 6000 series in anticipation of a migration towards next-gen technologies like LTE Advanced, 5G and M2M. The product addresses concerns regarding end-to-end network security and the demand fo…

Top Challenges for Mobile Device Test Equipment Market: Reducing Cost and Testing Time
By Olga Yashkova-Shapiro
As smart devices are becoming increasingly complex, reducing testing costs as well as time to test presents a challenge for mobile device manufacturers and test equipment vendors. End users of test equipment are not satisfied with the exponentially rising costs of testing. They are striving to reduc…

Ericsson Unveils New Ericsson Radio System
By Oliver VanDervoort
Despite the fact that Ericsson is in the long process of reinventing itself, the firm isn't going to be tucking its tail between its legs and giving up in the next three years. The fact that the company still very much wants to be looked at as one of the leaders in the tech world despite its struggl…

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