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The Negroponte Switch and My 5G Aha
By Carl Ford
5G is such a marketing term that while I am committed to writing about the adoption of new technology, I feel like I might as well be saying "Banana Skin" when I put the term "5G" up there.

What Public Wi-Fi's Journey Means for Wireless Charging
By Special Guest
Smartphone users consistently rate battery life as their No. 1 gripe - and wireless charging services provide the next logical evolution in customer engagement.

TrulyHandsfree and SDK from Sensory: Better Recognition for Voice Activation
By Chrissie Cluney
Nowadays people want everything to be at the fastest speed possible. We seem to crave instant gratification, especially when it pertains to the technological devices we use.

The Lost 5G-eneration
By Carl Ford
For many of us, the use of the term 5G is frustrating. When 3G was developed, it was about getting the world's radio strategies into a common framework so that standards in the future could deliver on economic scale.

iOS 10 Preview Indicates Complete Revamp for iPhone
By Alicia Young
The long-awaited iOS 10 update is now available as a public beta, and testers could not be happier about the improvements. With the update, Apple seems to be focusing on consumers and making their lives easier. Let's take a look at some of the most exciting feature updates.

The Start of the Robust Backbone: Ciena Corporation Co Founder Kevin Kimberlin.
By Carl Ford
Twenty years ago last month, the start of rich media came out of the primordial IP ooze.

Who isn't an MVNO These Days?
By Carl Ford
I had a chance recently to interview Robert Chamberlin, the Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of DataXoom, which is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

Contactless Ticketing to Support 300 Million Users by 2021
By Casey Houser
Many airlines still reportedly sit in testing stages with their electronic boarding passes, though some have jumped the gun to get an advantage on the competition. This TMC author, at least, saw it work with positive effect this past winter. Perhaps more the industry will be immersed in contactless …

Comings & Goings: Ultra Mobile Hires Former Toyota Executive as COO
By Ken Briodagh
Simmons began her career as a developer before shifting into project, technology and systems management at Toyota Motor Corporation. Following a long tenure there, Simmons moved to MedAssets, Inc. where she ultimately became Senior Vice President of Operations. As a consultant, she's worked with maj…

Ad-versarial Relationships: Ad Revenue and Ad Blocking
By Carl Ford
There is a major disconnect between the browsing consumer and the people selling ads.

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