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Is it Time to Accept that 4G is the Only Road Forward?
By Carl Ford
When looking at the rationale to make the move to LTE, few issues remain from the implementation side of the equation.

AT&T Intern Designs Prototype to Prevent Accidental Deaths in Overheated Cars
By Alexandra Duggan
Nancy Dominguez, a senior mechanical engineering major at the University of Texas at Dallas, has created a device that alerts parents when a car has reached dangerous levels of heat. The prototype, dubbed "Car Seat", alerts drivers and emergency personnel with a text message if a child, or a pet, is…

Ascision Launches Collect SMS Platform with Claro Peru
By Casey Houser
Ascision, a developer of mobile engagement services, recently announced that it will be working with Claro Peru, a wireless telecommunications carrier, to provide the telecom with the Ascision Collect SMS platform.

Deutsche Telekom to Deploy 'HotSpot Plug'n'Play' Program Using Cisco Meraki
By Michael Guta
Telecom operators are facing increasing demand on their networks as the adoption rate of smart mobile devices continues to increase globally. Companies are needing to increase their capacity in areas they already cover because of higher traffic loads from growing smartphone penetration, cloud servic…

Differentiating Devices: The Key to a Consumer-Focused Approach
By TMCnet Special Guest
In the short span of two decades, the world has witnessed the unprecedented growth and expansion of global markets for mobile devices. Aggressive economic reforms coupled with the digital revolution have also resulted in a rising new middle class of empowered consumers who now have unlimited access …

Wheelings & Dealings: Opera Boosts Online Privacy with SurfEasy Buy
By Tara Seals
Ever since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden blew the lid off of government spying on U.S. citizens, online privacy has been a big focus for tech companies, who are looking to hone their bona fides as consumer advocates. The latest move on that front is Opera Software's buy of SurfEasy.

MTA Awards Winners of Latest App Development Competition
By Joe Rizzo
Earlier this week, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced the winners of its third annual contest of smartphone apps targeting train, subway and bus riders. Essentially, the MTA and AT&T challenge developers to show off their skills while solving real-world problems and enhancing …

Nintendo: Now You're Playing With Smartphones?
By Steve Anderson
Those who follow the video game market know that, for the last couple years, Nintendo has been little more than a footnote in the console wars. Sales of the Wii U and its accompanying games often pale against the numbers coming out of Sony and Microsoft, with some exceptions. But there are new indic…

GSMA Launches the GSMA Marketplace Online Commerce Platform for Telecom Buyers and Sellers
By Peter Bernstein
For anyone in the mobility industry GSMA are for letters you are more than familiar with. Representing the interests of nearly 800 operators with more than 250 companies, membership includes members of the broad mobile ecosystem as well as organizations in adjacent industry sectors. Plus, it is mayb…

T-Mobile's Carrier Freedom, Un-contract Shake Up Mobile Once More
By Steve Anderson
Watching T-Mobile over the last few months puts me in mind of the old Avis car rental commercials that described how number two tries harder. Though T-Mobile may not be top dog in mobile service, it's certainly not for want of effort. To that end, T-Mobile recently brought out a set of new major mov…

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