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Tech giants investigate the insurance market
By Contributing Writer
Taking out your car insurance via Google or Amazon will probably be the order of the day in the future. The World Insurance Report 2018 survey found that three in ten people worldwide would already be willing to purchase their insurance through one of these tech giants. It was mainly young people wh…

Syniverse Establishes Adobe Partnership
By Luke Bellos
Syniverse has officially joined the Adobe Exchange Partner Program, which will allow Adobe customers to utilize the Syniverse CPaaS Concierge solution package.

What Is a Virtual Phone System?
By Special Guest
When running a business, large or small, it's imperative to stay up to date on the latest technology to keep up with competitors. Perhaps one of the most important business trends regarding communications in recent years is virtual phone systems, such as those offered from Ooma.

Behind the Scenes of Freedom Mobile's Latest Market Moves
By Special Guest
When the fourth largest wireless telecommunications provider in Canada, controlling about 6% of market share, is possibly up for sale, it is only natural that consumers and legislators be interested in the specifics of the deal. How will this affect pricing and rates? Will it lead to more or less co…

Leveraging Simulators and Robotics to Enhance Operations in the Education Sector
By Special Guest
Technological advancements are enhancing various industries like travel healthcare, education, and communication. The use of simulation and robotic technologies are proving to be excellent factors of existing educational resources. Technologies used in the education sector offer valuable day-to-day …

Blockchain-based Games and Gambling Become Mainstream
By Special Guest
Over the past decade, Blockchain technology has really come to the forefront of the global financial landscape. While cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin were once thought of as a joke or 'just an internet currency', they are not only now valued between several hundred to thousands of dollars, but als…

The Best Computer Setup for Online Gambling
By Special Guest
Online casinos are highly popular internationally and quickly overtaking the gambling industry. These casinos offer bigger bonuses, better chances of winning, more frequent payouts, and unmatched player comfort and convenience. While you can play online casino games on all internet-enabled devices l…

Impact of Mobile Devices on Modern Entertainment
By Special Guest
We can't deny that mobile devices have become a driving force that prompted the digitalization of many different business sectors, and smartphones have certainly had a great influence on the entertainment industry.

The Impact Mobile Gaming of Online Casinos
By Special Guest
Mobile gaming is one of the most substantial aspects of the gaming sector. In fact, it has millions of players around the world, and its profit continues to rise as users spend increasing amounts of time on their mobile devices. Actually, around 85% of mobile users have reported that they have made …

Rise of Mobile Gaming
By Special Guest
The mobile gaming industry is one of the best performing sectors worldwide, and it has billions of players, while the number is consistently increasing. This is mainly due to the habits of the users that are mostly spending their time on mobile devices.

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