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Best cross-platform mobile app development frameworks
By Special Guest
The days when an entrepreneur could create a website and "build a web presence" like that are long gone. Today building a mobile app seems as important (if not more important) as developing a website. Given that the percent of mobile traffic will only grow during the next years, the ones neglecting …

How AI Is Improving Mobile Messaging Marketing
By Special Guest
Artificial intelligence has had a profound impact on almost everything in our world. We are now living in a time with smart devices, and these devices have more features added every day. With computing power increasing so dramatically, we are getting into a golden age of smart digital devices. Mobil…

Will Google Always Dominate the Search Engine Market?
By Special Guest
If you are reading this article, there is a high chance that you found this page by using Google. Whether you came via a link on this site or from another site, you probably started your internet browsing session on Google.

10 tips for new iPhone users
By Special Guest
Getting an iPhone is like a dream come true for many smartphone users. Whether you have shifted from Android to iOS, got your first smartphone or upgraded your old iPhone, exploring all-new iPhone features is exciting. As the iPhone comes with multiple useful features and capabilities, many new user…

Deploying Zero Trust Effectively for the Modern WAN
By Special Guest
Zero trust has become a buzzword in recent years; however, it can be difficult to implement effectively. Deploying a WAN with built-in software defined perimeter (SDP) functionality can dramatically simplify the zero trust deployment process.

How Modern Technologies Has Improved the Gaming Industry
By Special Guest
Technology is redefining everything, starting from the way we work, play, and function as like basic humans. It is not surprising that technology is changing the whole concept of the way we lead our life. Gone are the days when we have to come out from our home, pop down to the arcade, book a casino…

5G Versus Wi-Fi 6: Demystifying the Technology
By Special Guest
The hype continues to grow for 5G technology, with many carriers promoting it as a way to target the enterprise networking and IoT markets with an end-to-end service that spans indoor and outdoor coverage. But will 5G be the answer to all decision-makers' prayers? There is a lot of understandable co…

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Background Screening
By Special Guest
Today's business world heavily relies on background checks to minimize hiring risks. Little wonder, over 95 percent of employers carry out, at least, one type of background check on applicants. Online screening platforms have streamlined the process, allowing for faster, more accurate, and cheaper b…

Miniaturization Made the Difference in These 4 Tech Industries
By Special Guest
In any segment of the tech industry, finding a way to make smaller electronic components is one of the surest paths to creating a groundbreaking product and earning a fortune. The most famous example of miniaturization in practice is, of course, the personal computer industry. The Intel 4004 - an in…

6 Reasons Why You Need Technology in Life
By Special Guest
Technology has been serving a lot of purposes till now. Whether it is your own household or a local convenience store, you will find technology in one or the other form, adding to your convenience and efficient functioning.

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