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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Background Screening
By Special Guest
Today's business world heavily relies on background checks to minimize hiring risks. Little wonder, over 95 percent of employers carry out, at least, one type of background check on applicants. Online screening platforms have streamlined the process, allowing for faster, more accurate, and cheaper b…

Miniaturization Made the Difference in These 4 Tech Industries
By Special Guest
In any segment of the tech industry, finding a way to make smaller electronic components is one of the surest paths to creating a groundbreaking product and earning a fortune. The most famous example of miniaturization in practice is, of course, the personal computer industry. The Intel 4004 - an in…

6 Reasons Why You Need Technology in Life
By Special Guest
Technology has been serving a lot of purposes till now. Whether it is your own household or a local convenience store, you will find technology in one or the other form, adding to your convenience and efficient functioning.

Importance of Gi-LAN Function Consolidation in the 5G World
By Special Guest
Service providers are facing new challenges of operational complexity and extra network latency coming from those services. Such challenges will become even more significant when it comes to 5G, as this will drive even more rapid proliferation of mobile and the IoT devices. It will be critical to mi…

3 Ways to Never Loose Data While Working from Home
By Special Guest
As most of us have been forced to work from home due to the ongoing pandemic situation all over the world, a lot of things cannot be done via the usual conventional methods. When you go to a workplace, your data can be protected by the server through the local network. Nowadays you can also do it on…

Rent the latest laptop for your study or work?
By Special Guest
Are you looking for a new laptop to work on or study, but is the purchase amount too much? Or do you just want to use a good laptop carefree, including a full service guarantee? Then renting a brand new and high-quality laptop is not surprising.

Mobile Online Gambling- How Smartphones are Influencing the Industry
By Special Guest
For those who frequent online casinos, smartphones have become their choice device to access games. With more than 3 billion smartphone users worldwide, it's no surprise that the mobile gaming industry players, especially online casinos, have mobile applications and optimized sites for players. Virt…

Use Smart Apps to Figure Your Finances
By Special Guest
Wouldn't it be helpful to have a financial advisor on call? That way, whenever you were stumped for an answer to a money question, you'd be able to pick up your phone and resolve the query in under a minute. If you know how to use a few common, free Internet resources, you can get most of the benefi…

The Social Media Influencer
By Special Guest
The newest and biggest trend to hit in the digital era, and a job that many young people look toward as the dream and as the future, has been the incredible rise of the social media influencer. Their success is measured by their outreach, and their outreach can be measured by the businesses and comp…

The Three Fastest Payout Methods at Online Casinos
By Special Guest
One of the few disadvantages of online casinos compared to land-based establishments is the fact that you have to wait for your winnings. When you're in Vegas, Macau or a similar gambling destination, simply bring your chips to the cashier and the money will be in your pocket in a minute.

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