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6 tips for building the perfect website!
By Special Guest
Have you just started a business, then you need to have a web presence. Because customers will turn to the internet for everything. So, you need to have a well-designed website in order to stand out to you competitors. But how are you going to do that? You can either hire someone to do it or do it y…

3 Things You Can Control With Your Smartphone
By Special Guest
Can you remember a time when the only thing that you did with your mobile phone was make and receive calls? Neither can we. Smartphones have been the standard for so long that it's difficult to remember a time when a phone wasn't a miniature computer. Smartphones have become so useful, in fact, that…

7 Ways to Ensure Password Security on the Enterprise Level
By Special Guest
Passwords are among the most vulnerable and most effective cybersecurity tools in any business's arsenal. A good password can potentially protect the entire organization, whereas a single compromised password can bring even the biggest businesses to their knees. When it comes to password security at…

10 Ways to Boost your Wi-Fi Connection
By Special Guest
A bad Wi-Fi connection can be very frustrating at times. Whether you're in a very important ZOOM meeting or you're watching Netflix in your hot tub, a great wireless connection is key in times of working from home and it is also important for relaxation. Are you tired of a bad Wi-Fi connection? With…

How to Stay Safe While Gambling Online
By Special Guest
The popularity of online gambling is increasing over the last couple of years and many people choose online casinos instead of going to an actual casino nearby. But is online gambling safe?

YouTube Video Editing Services to Outsource Online
By Special Guest
Entrepreneurs and companies seek complete leverage over the final look of the images they distribute to the public. This may clarify the inability to outsource and the need to establish costly in-house editing teams that are unused for the majority of the year. Yes, outsourcing video editing will ma…

6 Tips to Secure your Mobile Devices
By Special Guest
A staggering 96% of Americans have a cell phone, while 81% own a smartphone, according to Pew Research. Internet usage is increasingly mobile, with a fifth of Americans now using smartphones as their primary means of online access.

Software and AI Programs that make Your Life Easier as an Entrepreneur
By Special Guest
Most entrepreneurs have busy schedules. Between taking care of your primary tasks, making sure your paperwork is done and catching up with employees' questions, your day is easily filled. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs lose a lot of time on menial tasks. Before they know it, their day is over and…

How to Create a Strong Password to Outsmart Hackers
By Special Guest
Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities, and one of the easiest things to exploit is a poor password. Around 80% of company data breaches occur because of either weak passwords, poorly maintained passwords, or improper storage of passwords and login credentials. All of us can do our part to c…

IT Software Solutions for Telecommunications
By Special Guest
In a world of constant change, with new technologies booming at every moment, CSPs find themselves looking for modern software solutions tailored to their telecommunications needs. With growing competition and ever higher customer expectations, telecoms can either adapt and thrive, or fall behind an…

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