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Rent the latest laptop for your study or work?
By Special Guest
Are you looking for a new laptop to work on or study, but is the purchase amount too much? Or do you just want to use a good laptop carefree, including a full service guarantee? Then renting a brand new and high-quality laptop is not surprising.

Mobile Online Gambling- How Smartphones are Influencing the Industry
By Special Guest
For those who frequent online casinos, smartphones have become their choice device to access games. With more than 3 billion smartphone users worldwide, it's no surprise that the mobile gaming industry players, especially online casinos, have mobile applications and optimized sites for players. Virt…

Use Smart Apps to Figure Your Finances
By Special Guest
Wouldn't it be helpful to have a financial advisor on call? That way, whenever you were stumped for an answer to a money question, you'd be able to pick up your phone and resolve the query in under a minute. If you know how to use a few common, free Internet resources, you can get most of the benefi…

The Social Media Influencer
By Special Guest
The newest and biggest trend to hit in the digital era, and a job that many young people look toward as the dream and as the future, has been the incredible rise of the social media influencer. Their success is measured by their outreach, and their outreach can be measured by the businesses and comp…

The Three Fastest Payout Methods at Online Casinos
By Special Guest
One of the few disadvantages of online casinos compared to land-based establishments is the fact that you have to wait for your winnings. When you're in Vegas, Macau or a similar gambling destination, simply bring your chips to the cashier and the money will be in your pocket in a minute.

Ultimate Guide to using Artificial Intelligence for Legal Transcription Service
By Special Guest
When it comes to working in the legal industry, it is common knowledge that the smallest mistake can have far-reaching consequences. A good example would be the tedious job of transcribing records. It can be quite a slog, but it is crucial that you remain quick and accurate when it comes to the reco…

Kerrisdale Capital on the Consumer Impact of Spectrum Prices
By Special Guest
The quality and affordability of mobile broadband services directly depend on the radio spectrum governments license to operators. Some government policies, both direct and indirect, result in high costs associated with spectrum access. A 2019 study by the Global System for Mobile Communications (GS…

The Top 10 most-followed Instagram accounts in the world in 2020
By Special Guest
Who has the most followers on Instagram? It is not just anyone. We are talking about world stars with millions of Instagram followers. There are six women in this top 10. All these celebrities and Sports stars are enjoying the stardom on this image dedicated platform too, which has exceeded one bill…

The benefits of having a mobile friendly website
By Special Guest
Having a mobile friendly website might sound blatantly obvious but you'd be surprised by how many businesses overlook this important factor when creating their business website. Website traffic originating from mobile users has jumped from 0.7% share of the traffic in 2009 to a massive 52.2% in 2018…

How Technology Can Help Your Fledgling Business to Grow
By Special Guest
Anyone who starts a new business has a range of challenges they have to face. Even though it can be very exciting and rewarding to start your own business, getting it off the ground and helping it to flourish can be difficult. There is a lot of competition out there, with other businesses looking to…

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