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June 06, 2014

Personal Coaching App Mobilizes Personal Growth

We are constantly changing and evolving in response to the altering world we inhabit. It is human nature to change, and while it can be exciting and thrilling, it can also be scary and uncomfortable.

Since change is a constant and inevitable force that we encounter every day, why not use its powers to help grow to your full potential?

Now, personal growth can be just a click away with Angella Nazarian’s “My Personal Coach” app. The bestselling author created the app as a means for users to invest in their personal growth at anytime from anywhere.

My Personal Coach offers a customized growth plan based on the five key areas of life that determine success: Priorities, Strengths, Thoughts, Relationships, and Environment. 

To determine your growth plan, the app gathers information using surveys based on the research methodology of Gallup, Meyers-Briggs and Keirsey. If you’re like me, the word survey may put you on edge- those lengthy, boring things companies have forced you to do before? No thanks.

This survey, however, is actually fun, asking users short questions about how they interact with people at an event or how they feel about answering the phone - and providing only two possible answers for each. And while the survey may be short, it asks enough questions to successfully develop a custom growth plan specifically off of your answers. It is fun-filled and informative, just how your personal transformation should be.

Staying with the idea of fun, the app also possesses a quote bank with daily inspirations - we all could use a little bit of that. These quotes can be shared via Facebook or Twitter, so while motivating yourself and brightening your own day, you can do the same for a friend. You can also set calendar reminders and alerts to review your progress as a way to help you keep track of how far you’ve gotten and how far you may have to go.

The growth plan also offers motivated challenges surrounding the five core areas of self-development. These challenges support and encourage users to grow and maximize their full potential, working to integrate mindfulness and actual change into their daily behaviors.

While every person is different, what we all have in common is that we are all on our own ride in this world, and the future is ours.

I recently caught up with Angella Nazaran to ask her a few questions about the app. Our full interview appears below.

 Why and how did you come up with My Personal Coach?

We all have our own journey to make, with our set of challenges. But one thing is for sure: personal transformation takes time, accountability, and encouragement.  It can happen organically through personal relationships, or through enlisting an outside coach. Since not everyone can afford having a personal coach, I designed the app as a coach that can be carried on the go. Packed with inspirational quotes, a personal survey, and challenges, it is there when you need it – perfect for the DIYer.

What was your inspiration behind the app?

Living a life that brims with vibrancy and fullness. We are all works in progress, and our ideas of who we want to become change with time and experience. So I let my curiosity for learning lead the way for me.

Right now, I am very excited about sharing with my readers all the tips that I learn from other extraordinary leaders.  There is nothing like feeling empowered about your own future!

What market do you want My Personal Coach to target?

People who would like to grow to their full potential and/or change an aspect of their lives. Change means a bit of discomfort. It takes time to create meaningful changes in our relationships or behaviors. I always tell my clients to be kind to themselves and most importantly, patient.  It is always nice to have a sounding board, a mentor, or friend who can be a source of support to you.

What do you think is the most important factor of self-growth and development, and why?

For one, the people we surround ourselves with will always play a key role in our growth and development. If you want to change your perspective, I always say it is best to hang around people that you admire – their ideas and perceptions shape our worldview. Secondly, I’d like to emphasize is the power of media – whether books, magazines, movies, art and music. The things we read, watch and listen to affect our mindset. I love reading biographies of inspiring leaders – they inspire me to think in new ways and challenge my perceptions. It was out of this inspiration I wrote my second book Pioneers of the Possible: Celebrating Visionary Women of the World.

Why are the app’s customized growth plans effective in helping users grow and maximize their full potential?

In L.A., having a coach is getting as popular as having a personal trainer or attending a workshop. Many people want to focus on proactive ways of dealing with present day challenges. The only draw back is that not everyone can afford seeing a coach weekly, and many coaches may not have the proper training.

That is why I thought it would be a good idea to have an app that everyone can interact with for daily inspiration. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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