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Personal Coaching App Mobilizes Personal Growth
By Allison Sansone
We are constantly changing and evolving in response to the altering world we inhabit. It is human nature to change, and while it can be exciting and thrilling, it can also be scary…

The Best Travel Apps Just in Time for the Holidays
By Drew Hendricks
Can't figure out what to get that travel bug on your holiday shopping list? Or are you tired of getting lost in translation yourself every time you head out of the country? Travel …

Four Small Business Apps That Will Take You to the Next Level
By Jacqueline Lee
If you own a small business, then you'll love the way that the cloud and mobile apps can bring your office into the 21st century. Check out these four simple apps to revolutionize …

Say Cheese! A Snapshot into the Latest Photo Apps
By Lacey Henry
It's no secret that members of the Millennial generation love to document their entire lives. That's due in part to the ease of taking, editing and assembling photos thanks to smar…

iOS Game Review: 'Monsters Invade: Oz'
By Jerry Biolchini
iOS developer Little Box has released a game app titled "Monsters Invade: Oz." l Winner of GDC's Best in Play 2013, "Monsters Invade: Oz" has players explore L. Frank Baum's Land o…

Erricson Names Winners from the UK and Portugal in App Awards 2013
By Cheryl Kaften
Ericcson has announced the student and company first-place winners of its Application Awards 2013-the fourth annual competition sponsored by the Stockholm, Sweden-based communicati…

Waze App Crowdsources Drivers to Provide Best Road Conditions and Routes
By Jacqueline Lee
Instead of wondering whether or not to consider an alternate route, download the Waze app and run it during your commute. Waze is a navigation app, but it's also much more. On top …

Top Five Business Apps for the iPad
By Ashley Caputo
Although mobile devices have not quite yet replaced the need for a laptop or a computer, they have in fact leveraged a variety of activities that were once constrained to a desktop…

Busy Parents Can Now Make Appointments Right from Their Phones
By Jerry Biolchini
Have you ever needed to schedule an appointment only to find you and the business you need to talk to have different schedules? We have all been there. Kuyam aims to change that.

Feed Your Parking Meter with Your Smartphone Thanks to the Pango Parking App
By Jacqueline Lee
Have you ever decided to grab a business lunch downtown only to discover that you didn't have enough change to feed the parking meter? A subsequent search of your car console and s…

The Mobile Travel App Industry Takes Flight
By Tracey E. Schelmetic
If you're a smartphone person and you've gone traveling in foreign nations lately, you'll know that mobile apps have revolutionized international travel. While 10 years ago, foreig…

Scapple App for Writers
By Nicole Spector
Made by Literature and Latte, the company that thought up Scrivener, Scapple creates a virtual sheet of paper on a user's Mac. When set to full-screen, you have a beige sheet of…

Technology Simplifies the Kitchen
By Jerry Biolchini
Technology simplifies our lives, and now it has gone into the kitchen. A new iOS app, Nimble Chef, is not just another recipe discovery app but it is also a kitchen management app.

Is iStudyPlan the Solution for Your Slacker Study Habits?
By Jacqueline Lee
One night when I was an undergraduate, I stayed up late studying for a biology exam. My alarm went off at 6 a.m. the next morning, but I didn't wake up.

Appy Pie Officially Launches, Offers Simple Mobile App Creation
By Rory Lidstone
Only about three months after launching the beta version of its mobile app builder software and app market place, Appy Pie has now fully launched its app creation service. This ser…

Sherpa, Spanish-Speaking Personal Assistant, Ready for its US Close-Up
By Tracey E. Schelmetic
While "personal assistants" for mobile devices are all the rage now, everybody wants Siri or something like it to interact with - what if English isn't your language of choice? The…

Girlie Girls Can Code Too!
By Jamie Epstein
No matter if we're in 7-inch stilettos or fresh-out-of-the-box Jordans, girls can do anything boys can do, just better. And that is exactly the thought process behind a just releas…

Apps on Tap: Spring Break Gone Wild
By Brooke N.
Schools out and spring break is in session. Thousands of college and high school students will descend upon beaches across the U.S. to relax, soak up some sun and wine and dine. Pa…

New HonestBaby App Offers Organization and Balance for Busy Parents
By Colleen Lynch
The Honest Company has released a new app as part of its lineup of family-oriented apps for modern parenting and child development. It is called "HonestBaby," and is developed for …

Three Apps that Make Managing a Home Easier
By Drew Hendricks
Work, doctor appointments, family in town, errands, an upcoming oil change, a house or apartment in disarray, lost keys, ringing cell phone, e-mails - what's for dinner? Is there e…

Apps on Tap: Let the March Madness Begin
By Brooke N.
Let the games begin! All bets are off this basketball season as fans across the country cheer on their alma mater or favorite basketball team. March Madness is upon us, and this ye…

Apps on Tap: The Art of Storytelling Goes Digital
By Brooke N.
Storytelling has been around for centuries. From prehistoric cave paintings to 140-character tweets, it's an art that has changed immensely. Thanks in part to technology, snail mai…

Apps on Tap: Luck of the Irish
By Brooke N.
St. Patrick's Day is the celebration of Saint Patrick, one of the most recognized patron saints of Ireland, and Irish culture. What was once a holy celebration, today St. Paddy's D…

Apps on Tap: Boys Night Out
By Brooke N.
When it comes to men, three things usually come to mind; food, beer and sports. While women gossip about last night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and their friend's latest bre…

The ModHop Travel-Planning Toolbox
By Special Guest
Everyone always wants to know how to fly like a frequent flyer. While there are many tips and tricks, it is essential to start by arming yourself with the right apps to book the pe…

Apps on Tap: What Women Want
By Brooke N.
Let's face it: being a woman is hard. Not only are we expected to take on 100 impossible tasks a day, but we're expected to do it with a full face of makeup, a polished do and five…

Apps on Tap: Movies, Booze and Food: Your Guide to Valentine's Day
By Brooke N.
It's either a joyous day filled with flowers, chocolates and cards or it's just another reminder that you are, in fact, totally and utterly 100 percent single. Yes you guessed it, …

Apps on Tap: Super Bowl Favorites Battle it Out
By Brooke N.
It's that time again folks. Grab your favorite NFL jersey, crack open a cold beer and get comfy, because its Super Bowl time. The Super Bowl is a great American excuse to eat greas…

Apps on Tap: A Wintry Mix of Ski and Snowboarding Apps
By Brooke N.
With such a disappointing and uneventful winter last year in regards to weather, ski and snowboarders are eager to get on the slopes this year. A successful day on the slopes is of…

Apps on Tap: Your Guide to the Trendiest Apps at CES
By Brooke N.
The technology industry has been feverishly buzzing with the release of new big-name products and the latest and greatest in gadgets and gizmos at this week's CES event. Not to be …

Apps on Tap: New Year, New Apps to Help Keep Your New Year Resolutions on Track
By Brooke N.
After the champagne popped, lips locked and the clock struck 12AM, an impending doom dawned on many of us planning to keep our New Year's resolutions in 2013. Whether it's kicking …

Apps on Tap: Your Travel Buddy this Holiday Season
By Brooke N.
When I think of traveling during the holiday season, images of Macaulay Culkin, and the rest of the McCallister family crew feverishly packing and sprinting through the airport, co…

Apps on Tap: Your Holiday Shopping Guide
By Brooke N.
Welcome to "Apps on Tap", a fun weekly review of our favorites apps based on today's top tech trends. Mobile devices have taken over our daily lives. In fact, the number of active …

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