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April 24, 2013

Technology Simplifies the Kitchen

Technology simplifies our lives, and now it has gone into the kitchen. A new iOS app, Nimble Chef, is not  just another recipe discovery app but it is also a kitchen management app. Now users can cook like professional chefs as this app simplifies the process of making complete menus. 

Nimble Chef has recipe discoveries from famous world renowned chefs such as Iron Chefs, Top Chefs, and celebrity chefs. The new mobile app will also track time, resources (such as burners, ovens and other kitchen bottlenecks), and make adjustments based on the real time it takes to prepare the meal. This keeps the person cooking up to date as to when the meal will be ready and makes the preparation of large meals easier to manage.

Nimble Chef takes the burden off of the home chef by breaking the recipe down into a menu planner, shopping list and also applying a schedule. This schedule can then be followed to bring the entire meal to completion. 

Much of the trouble from large extended family meals comes from not being able to organize a cooking schedule among the hubbub of the day. Having the planning handled by automation will allow families to enjoy more time together and recognize when it is time to work in the kitchen; family get-togethers, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners will be easier to prepare.

"Timing is the classic challenge for anyone working in a kitchen, whether it's the executive chef of a three star restaurant, or someone at home preparing dinner for family and friends. The power of Nimble Chef and our Smart Recipe format helps the home cook be as organized and successful as the trained professionals," said Chet Harrison, CEO of Nimble Chef.

The app is a free download in the app store. It only features 12 free restaurant recipes to start, but more may be purchased either per recipe at $0.99, or as a complete Edition, for $1.99 to $5.99.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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