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April 28, 2022

How Working from Home Can Work for You

Even before the pandemic surge, which affected our work environment gravely, there were already a lot of employees who were telecommuting (or working from home). Nowadays, the number of telecommuters has increased significantly. So whether you love it or not, you're likely confined to your home these days.

Everything is more complicated during a global pandemic. Working from home increases the strain, stress, and pressure compared to working in a physical environment. And employers and leaders must consider this and manage their expectations not just for their employees but also for employers.

Here are some tips on how you can make telecommuting work for you and your team:

1. Use the right tools

Take advantage of technology and explore different applications, software, and tools suited for your team. Using technology correctly is the key to making things easier for you and your team. The Cloud, for example, allows you to share and exchange data quickly. It also secures your data. Having easy access to your files and projects makes it easier for your team to collaborate and brainstorm. Another helpful example is the cloud-based dialer software from convoso.com/predictive-dialer. Call centers and sales teams, for example, use this software to maintain their teams' productivity by handling large volume of calls for their sales and lead generation efforts. It also helps decrease idle times and replacing them with more talk time.

2. Set a schedule

In the office, you usually adhere to consistent routines. You have the exact arrival and departure times every day, making it easier to stick to your work schedule. However, this is more difficult when you are working remotely. Maintaining a work-life balance will be more challenging since separating your workspace from your personal space is hard.

As leaders, you must communicate this to your team. Advice them to adjust their schedules according to their day-to-day routines. Allow them time for the things they want to do before working, such as having breakfast, walking outside, taking a shower, etc. Make sure that they have time for their physical wellness and mental health. You'll be surprised at how giving your team more time for themselves increases your team's productivity. It is vital always to be lenient with their work time and focus more on the quality of their work.

3. Be patient

There are a lot of drastic changes happening nowadays. The best thing you can do as a leader is to be patient with the way your team adjusts to these changes. It would be best if you could give them time to find their rhythm before expecting them to perform fully, significantly since additional responsibilities at home burden them. Expressing empathy and gratitude to your team can go a long way. You'll have no idea what hurdles they are trying to overcome, so try to practice patience as much as possible.


Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to work your way around it to succeed. These simple tips can make significant changes in your team's work from home experience. Take it as a challenge to learn and improve yourself as a leader and a team player, whether this setup is permanent or temporary.

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